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Malaysia Boleh.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

A long report ABOUT ME!

Saying hello to my blog once again!
Sorry for abandoning u for such a long time.
going to have a long post today.
U gonna be patient if u are going to read this. ;)

Let's turn back time.
here's the photo taken when i went for JPA interview on 12th april.
the first time ever i wearing baju kurung which was supposed to owned by my dear sis.
she brought it specially all the way from kl back to jb for me!
i know she cares for me more than i expected.
I know she's the one who really concerned about my future study plan.
I know i know.
i will remembered the night u called me and give me advice without any hesitation.

Thank goodness i remember to take a photo of this.
JPA interview gave me this special chance to be a malay girl!

 The interview was so-so and i am surrounded by atmosphere that saying 8A+ AND ABOVE WILL SURELY BEING OFFERED JPA SCHOLARSHIP. well let's waiiiiiitttttt and see.

And of course, after april, i ended my tuition teacher work.
i was so dumb as i cried before my boss when she was thanking me for my help during this 4 months.
really dumb!
i hope she really meant what she said.
please stop faking up your words BOSS.

and now, i miss some of my cute students.
etc. standard one jonathan lim chee keat who is so mature and understanding in his words. once, he said to his friends, ''stop making noise, eunice lao shi need rest.''
or standard 4 lee wei kang who is so pro in answering my ques, making me having high satisfaction in teaching him.
or standard 5A wong jun hao and his gang who treat me a bunch of snacks when they knew i was going to leave them.
or standard 4 christina chu and her sis wong kah mun who agreed to treat me macdonald.
i shouldn't have being so paiseh to take photos with my students. :(

i miss them. but not my ladyboss and my colleagues looooorrr thank you.

if u are asking me, am i getting back my long lost freedom after 4 months?
the amswer is NO.
because i have taken up another job.
check this out! ( i was reminded of my lovely addmath teacher pn farah. HAHAHA :D )

YES u are right. I am officially a coffee girl. :D come visit me on any other day at jusco tebrau city and i can treat u free nescafe coffee! Condition is i only work until 15 may and my break time is 4pm to 5pm. Spot this trolley at jusco supermarket :)

here's the menu! so coffee lovers, which coffee are u looking for?

The main thing i benefit from the job is money.
it sounded sarcastic but it is truth.
but money brings different!
because finally i got the chance to treat my family a great meal on Mother's Day.
I've waited for this day for such a long time.
Now i got the ability! :)
first time belanja people until so happy.
because i saw my family's smiley face.
especially my mum.
thank you and i love u. <3

And also not forgeting to thanks my SUPERDEARIE daughters for not forgeting your erniang on this Mother's Day!
I am seriously super touched.
I love u too clx and ylk. :) <3

if this is a post for saying thank you to people i care and i love,
there's still 2 more ppl who i will not forget.
Thank you cyx for calling me on that day and chitchatting with me!
Thank you for not fogetting me.
we can actually chat A LOT although we never met for long time.
That feeling was just too great.
When i said i was touched, u know i really meant it. :)
ang syl for not breaking your promise to come jusco visit me and having tea with me today!
I feel great talking to u.

Anyway, a good news is here!
i am going to matriks negeri sembilan if nothing goes wrong.
on 23rd of may!
gonna really really really really really thanks my dear God who answers my prayers.
Thank you so much because u know what, so far only 3 ppl getting it including me.
God blessed!

And of all the things i did during all these while, i gained.
yet i lost.
being forgotten by ppl who u care so much was awful.
I was deeply hurt.
Does love really have to be shown out?
I wish to be part of u all.
Can i?
Looking back at all the memories we had together.
I guess i am really left out.

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