Friday, July 26, 2013

You made up the most beautiful part of my life.

Some words are left unsaid. But they are just too late. Have forgotten how many times I have reminded myself, not to take things for granted. I knew it very well that I should not have took anyone for granted, for people will not always be there for me selflessly, without asking for any repay. However, I just do that most of the time. Always think that the person who really cares for me will never leave me. Will always be there waiting for me, tolerating all my flaws, accepting me for who I am. I thought you are my home, where I come back only when I am tired. But I was wrong. It can never work in this way. This is my retribution. Which I should have got it sooner. I thank you for making it last.

A relationship is just like planting a flower. You never water it, it will never turn into a flower, you will never get to appreciate its beauty. So I am here, watching my precious one and only flower wilted, crying my heart out, and no one will ever know.


Monday, July 22, 2013

Life like this.

Screaming and crying in the middle of a street like nobody's business. I always thought this is what happens in dramas and movies, never thought it would really happen on me.

Like a boss. Yeah? Anyway, it has already halfway through my summer break. I wouldn't say my summer break is well spent because it wasn't even planned initially. So I didn't expect it to be really exciting. I stay at home most of the time. But who says staying at home is a waste of time? Home is always the best place for me to replenish my battery. Have things to worry about though, like my new house in new coming semester. Have been troubling my KL friends to settle things for me since I am in JB now. Hehe. If you happened to be my reader, Chin Wen Xin, million thanks to you. :D 

Wishy washy people really irritates me, especially guys. I am already indecisive at times. Can you still stand guys who keep telling you ''Aiya I am not sure leh.'', ''I also don't know leh.''. Won't you find it irritating? You are expecting me to be your mummy and decides everything for you. This is so tiring. Mummy boy can never be my cup of tea.

 Okay enough of rants. So you are wondering what else I did in my home. Baking with mummy. Learning guitar from youtube. Massaging mummy's leg while watching tv with her. Laughing at the LOL moments on tv. Every single bits of these are the reasons I love staying at home. Oh anyway, I am looking forward to meet the special someone this coming Wednesday! Will definitely upload photos later on.

I fall in love with a song easily without any reasons. 
Oh, especially when it is Alex Goot who sings it. Haha.

If our love is tragedy, why are you my remedy?
If our love's insanity, why are you my clarity?

Saturday, July 13, 2013


“ 想当初,哭得稀里哗啦,一年了,哈哈  :) ”

看到朋友昨天在 facebook 上的 status 。鼻头还是酸酸的,真的,感同身受。
可是,既然朋友的 status 后面都附加了一个笑脸,那再再证明了这世上没有永远的劫难。






或许女人本来就应该 bitch 一点。

Saturday, July 6, 2013

The End of Year One in Perdana University

First picture of us - PURCSI Class of 2017

Looked so innocent back then. Haha.
Love this picture because 3 of us rarely took a picture together. And looking at this picture makes me realise how fast time flies and how things have changed.

Greencoast 1-6 it is!
Lilian is the one brings the most laughter to our house, with her high-pitched, easily identifiable laugh. Always care for everyone's feeling, sweetest princess she is.
Anjanette is our big sister who ''pleassseee laaaaa'' very often. Never forget to wake me up when I was late for class.
Jun Ning is definitely our mama, clearing all our doubts as she is one year ahead of us. Admire her a lot as she is one of the strongest lady I have seen. I miss the delicious chicken soup she cooked for us. :')
 Once roommate/housemate, forever they are.
From the left: Lilian, Anjanette, me, Jun Ning.

PURCSI Cruise Gala Dinner 2012 at Mines Wellness Hotel.

PURCSI Masquerade Ball 2013 at Sunway Resort and Spa.
First prom night with all the pretty girls!

PU Got Talent 2013.
Not the first dancing experience but it was after many years.
Didn't go back with any prizes but we were happy enough. :)

Photography session.
You just feel different with lab coats on, agree?

My first marathon - Kidney Day Run.
I always think that marathon is never about how strong your stamina is or how good you are at running.
Marathon is about determination.
Determined enough, you will reach the destination. Be it 2km, 5km, 10km or 20km.
What do you think? :)

Because once in a while, you need to remove your lab coats, put on flip flops and step out of your room. It was the air of freedom that we were after.
Above: Penang trip that marks the end of JC1
Below: Kuching trip that marks the end of JC2

My sister in PU - Juyinn.
The girl who never forgets to send me her encouragement all the time.
Haven't even thank her for the pretty make up she helped me with for the prom night. :')

The guy who probably understand better than a girl does.
Thanks for being my all time chauffeur and shopping partner and everything else.

Without him, I wouldn't even be in Perdana.
I wonder if he sees me as a troublemaker? I search help from him too often.
The amazing thing is, he never disappoint me.

Made sushi bread roll for everyone with the girl with the prettiest heart I have ever seen - Xin Yee (in the middle)
Love her because I love the word I learnt from her:  感恩

A random shot in university.

JC1 and JC2 have not been easy for me.
I didn't do well for JC1, cried too much for no reasons. The new environment was stressful, with all 70 scholars, hectic time table (with extra English lessons), scaring moments of card signings and high expectation from lecturers. But after all it was me who stressed myself the most. I even had moments of being caught in washroom crying after card signings. I am no longer afraid to share this now because these are the moments that made Eunice who she is now. I still remember I left my coursemate kept on knocking the door asking me whether I was okay without answering her because I was too afraid to open the door and let people see the weak side of me. So bad of me huh.
That was awful.

Thank God I managed to transform myself before everything was too late. I was expecting something different from JC2. So I work harder, talk less, do more.
I made a promise to myself that I would not allow myself to say that I got good results because I was lucky. I want to proudly say that it is because I study hard. And I did it. :) 3 of my JC2 card signings were extremely smooth, exam preparation was all well planned, no more dozing off in lecture hall (yes!). I even trained myself to have broader mind. Winning and losing are no longer that important to me. In fact, I am too happy to have coursemates who are so much better than me in many ways. 

To all I mentioned above, who helped me directly or indirectly, to all who went through all these hard times with me, to all who motivated me, to all who cared for me.
Allow me to learn even more from all of you people in JC3. To repay for all the help that I have received, I will work double harder. I know Perdana is the place for me to grow. And I will.

Monday, July 1, 2013



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