Saturday, May 19, 2012

Two Days One Night Awana Adventurous Genting Trip

First of all, Thanks to Nuffnang & Genting Awana for organizing the perfect getaway for all of us!
This is the very first time I join Nuffnang's activitiy, get to know a lot of new Nuffnangers. :)
I will really anticipate for more Nuffnang's activities in the future.

Day 1

All the Nuffnagers gathered at Wisma Genting. Here we coming! :D
We checked in at Genting Awana Hotel once we reached the place.
It took only an hour from Wisma Genting to Genting Awana Hotel!

Had the first group photo with all the new friends. Here we go for our adventurous trip! Yeah!

Queen size bed for each of us! :D

Nice view from the hotel room. Ahh nature! :)

Lucky me and Miss Maisarah. We have flat screen tv in our room. Hiak hiak.

The Rajawali Buffet Restaurant.

Had lunch before we start the activity if the day. Desserts yay! :)  * mouthwatering *

Yum Yum. Raspberry Cheesecake. <3

After lunch, we started our first activity- Treasure Hunt. 18 of us were divided into 3 groups and I am in Group 2. Very blurrrrrly, I became the group leader because I was standing the 3rd from the back. Lol.
Listening to the instructions and had aerobic dance before we started the run.

One of the station - Archery.

Rock climbing. Too bad not everyone get the chances to try this! :(

Squash. Be like Nicol David. Lol.

Abseiling climbing was fun! Although it looks scary from here.
Love it!

 After a day of tiredness, here's our venue for dinner- Pasar Ikan Bakar. Okay it's not a pasar, it's a buffet place. Need to be booked earlier before you want to come and enjoy your meal here. :)

Everyone of us THUMBS UP for this restaurant!

Nice seating. Weehee. Special.

There are a variety of sauces available there.
I only get to try a few of them.Yum yum.

Beautiful stage! Will be even nice if there are live performances that night.

Tried thier ikan bakar. The best! <3
Day 2

Started off Day 2 with delicious breakfast!

We gathered at the long house before starting the activity of the day- Jungle Trekking


The Jungle Trekking was the climax of this trip. Due to the rain last night, everyone of us suffered because leeches were everywhere craving for our blood! Lol. Got bitten a few, but still survived after the Jungle Trekking. Very tiring ahh! * Old bones *

The tired me after Jungle trekking beside the waterfall.
Phew we managed to finished it!

Nuffnangers go green! Group 2 planted our little tree and leave our footprints there.

After cleaning up ourselves and had our lunch, we checked out from the hotel and waved goodbye to Awana Genting. Before ending our trip, we went to the strawberry farm.

Cute car isn's it? hehe <3

And not forgetting the cute fountain.


And also the Mushroon Farm.

New friends :)

That's the end of our 2 days 1 night Awana Genting Trip.
Fun and tiring though. Hope to join more Nuffnang activites in the future yo!
See ya! :)

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