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[BEAUTY REVIEW] WECOMED Skin Centre CLAPS Facial Treatment @ Taman Mount Austin, JB

The largest organ in our body is our skin. Therefore, facial care is important because a person's complexion can drastically affect his or her appearance. However, if you are worrying about the painful extractions, the redness that follows a facial, let me introduce to you something different. Last month, I visited WECOMED Skin Centre at Taman Mount Austin, and it totally changes my perspective towards facial. Read on to know why!

WECOMED proudly presents to you their new Revolutionary CLAPS Treatment. It is SAFE - Superb, Affordable, Fast and Effective on the skin! CLAPS stands for Combined Light & Aqua Peel System. Everything is done using machines. No massaging and squeezing will be done during the process so you don't have to worry about the pain and redness! In just 40 minutes, you can get glowing and firmer skin.

WECOMED has two branches:
one at Taman Century Garden and another one at Taman Mount Austin. 
I went to the one at Mount Austin. 
It has only three rooms, so make sure you book your appointment before coming! :)

Some of the skincare products WECOMED is selling. 
All at affordable prices, and caters to different skin types.

Welcome to WECOMED journey! :D
Basically these are the five steps to achieve your desired bright and smooth skin.
So easy and convenient, don't you think?

STAGE 1: DIY Cleansing

Before starting the real facial, we were asked to sanitize our hands. For girls who put on make up, you don't have to remove your eyeliner and lipstick because those areas will not be affected during the treatment. But here's my bare face heh.

Cleanse your face using the cleansing wipes provided.


Because WECOMED has limited rooms, they set up a waiting room for customers to relax or to wait for their turns before receiving the treatments.


Finally it's my turn! Before entering the room, they took a close up photo of my face to see if there's any visible results afterwards.

CLAPS Treatment targets four types of skin problems - Acne, Pigment, Aging and Sensitivity. They use different types of ampuoles to target the different skin problems.

I was told that my treatment today will be to target Acne!

Step 1: Aqua Peel

The first step is called Aqua Peel, which is to awaken the skin by using the machine to suck out dead skin and dirts. It helps in exfoliating my skin and cellular renewal. I could literally feel the machine pulling my skin and sucking out all the dirts underlying my skin! It feels very different from my usual facial experience but don't worry because it doesn't cause any pain.

Step 2: Cryo-Pulsed Light (CPL)

This is an important step because it reduces pigments, acne and pores. And by doing so, it helps new skin cells to resurface. Before starting CPL, a thin layer of cooling gel was applied on my face. A cloth was used to cover my eyes because the light emitted by the machine could be a little bit uncomfortable.

Step 3: Deep Dermal Wave (DDW)

Deep Dermal Wave serves to stimulate the skin. It focuses on the sides of my face to create the V-shaped facelift effect. It also helps to control wrinkles. Feels extremely comfortable!

Step 4: Ultrasound

A calming serum called Sensi-Calm Serum was used in this step to promote the absorption of nutrients into the skin. It helps in whitening, anti-aging and anti blemish.


Last but not least, not to forget putting on the perfect mask to lock the moisture after the facial! It also enhances suppleness of my skin and to provide ultimate protection. I was allowed to rest in the waiting room for around 15 minutes.


A variety of different skincare products that they have. At this stage, you are allowed to try and choose the one that goes best with your skin! 

WECOMED skincare products synergise CLAPS treatment for most optimum results, so make sure you use them after your facial session! These are the products that I got from WECOMED. Thank you WECOMED!

Overall, I really enjoyed my facial experience at WECOMED. Their staffs are really friendly and helpful, they even messaged me a few times after my facial session to remind me to take care of my skin. You don't get this kind of service anywhere else. And look at all the promotions WECOMED is having! Getting a facial is no longer a luxury that's beyond budget. :)

For more information, log on to:

WECOMED's Facebook Page :
WECOMED's Official Website :

WECOMED Skin Centre
(Taman Mount Austin)
G07, Jalan Mutiara Emas 10/19,
Taman Mount Austin,
81100, Johor Bahru,
Tel : +6012-7640955

WECOMED Skin Centre
(Taman Century Garden)
174, Jalan Dato Sulaiman, 
Taman Century Garden, 
80250, Johor Bahru,
Tel : +6012-7340955


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