Thursday, January 1, 2015

Hello 2015!

It is that time of the year again. First blog post of the year! Happy New Year peeps. :D The turning of the calendar signifies an opening, an opportunity, and perhaps some reflections. Stalking back to my 2013 new year post and guess what, I achieved half of it. Not gonna tell you what I achieved what I didn't (bleh). If you are curious (or kepoh), you can click here to read about my reflections and resolutions last year.

So how about 2015?

1. Blog more

Blogging is something I really enjoy doing and I wish I have more time for that. I was all on my own, but in 2014, I met another ten girls who share the same dream as me. You can click here if you have not heard of the story of the Ma Cherie girls. It is amazing how far we have come and how well we have known each other, even though I just officially joined the team for less than a year. I believe we will all be better and stronger. And I promise! That there will be more of my personal updates here. :)

2. Learn more

Life is a non stop learning process. Instead of chasing quick entertainment that fails to satisfy, I wish to learn new stuffs everyday. I should be able to make connections between pieces of knowledge, and put them into good use. From next semester onwards, I will start to be based in the hospitals and it's going to be a whole lot different. I anticipate the challenges and opportunities that I am going to face. And yes, research. I used to hate you, but I will overcome you this year. Keep on learning - is what I need - and that's what successful people do. So do it.

3. Travel more

I never knew how it feels to get to see the world with my own eyes - until I visited Europe in the summer of 2014. And ever since after that, wanderlust has got me. I wish to just go, to some places I've never been. Taiwan is on my checklist for years. And backpacking *gasp* travelling with complete freedom! Is 2015 the year for me to try things I never, ever, thought I was capable of?

4. Give more

2014 is a year when I drawn myself closer to Tzu Chi. And I am truly grateful for this. If you have not heard of Tzu Chi, it is an international humanitarian organization which aspires and works toward relieving all of those in need. As Tzu Chi saying goes, we believe by helping others, we develop our own wisdom and enrich our appreciation for the meaning of life. I received a lot of love in Tzu Chi family in 2014, and it's time for me to give. How? I don't know. But I will not hesitate to do so when the time comes. For it is in giving that we receive.

5. Love more 

Three aviation disasters, and massive devastating floods - 2014 has really been a tough year for Malaysia. There should be no criticising at this point of time. All we need is love. It could be to exercise more patience, tolerance, become more generous, unselfish, less self-centered. Cherish people. Talk to people. Understand their stories. Feel a heartbeat for something outside yourself. Among all the resolutions, this is the one I want to achieve the most. For there is nothing more powerful than becoming a better person. Love heals everything, don't you agree? Before I end this post, let us come together in prayer for the precious lives lost. 2015 will be better.

Happy New Year 2015!

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