Thursday, July 3, 2014

It's time to bloom and prosper ft. Ma Chérie - the Inkyfingers from Johor

It was yet another lazy Saturday morning where she just wanted to stay in bed and curl up in her bed sheets.

Her workload was overwhelming – files were piling up in her tray and even though she worked long hours she kept getting further behind. So many things to do but so little time. The whole situation seemed out of control and she started to feel pretty depressed. What are the dreams that she had been chasing after? Where are they now? The burning passion that she used to have, was slowly fading away without her noticing. She felt confused and lost. She took a deep breathe in.


Still curling up in her bed sheets, she took a look out through the window. And she was stunned.

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It was a profusely flowering Tecoma tree. She rubbed her eyes, thinking that she must be dreaming. It was like Sakura trees in Japan! After months of drought, Pink Tecoma finally came in a full bloom in Johor. This was a rare scene in Malaysia! On both up and down the same road and on other adjacent roads too, other Tecoma trees were also in full blossom. The fallen withering flowers turned stretches of roads and pavements into a bright and pink carpet.

It delighted everyone in town and warmed their hearts that their city can be so beautiful. The trees were a beautiful addition to the local landscape. People were happily jumping with joy, welcoming this beautiful sight, taking pictures and sharing them on social medias. 

She knew it's time for her to do something. The beautiful scene in front of her eyes resonates with her inner self, as a blogger in this land. After being lost and blogging alone for so long, she saw a ray of light at the end of the dark tunnel. It's time to bloom and prosper. Just look at the Tecoma flowers. Although it has short life span, but throughout its life it shines its beauty to the world. This was when she realised that:

''In the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years." 
- Abraham Lincoln

Swiftly she got out of her bed and turned on her laptop - if someone's supposed to take this first step - she would be the one. Even in a small town like JB, she believes she can, together with her team, produce good and quality blogs. As the Pink Tecoma resembles the Cherry Blossom flower, she decided to name themselves Ma Chérie. It means my precious/my darling (a way of calling your loved ones) in French. Just like the flowers, they wish to have a unique and distinctive existence. Something precious, to all Johoreans.


‪#‎MacherieJB‬ ‪#‎InkyfingersJB
‬ Ma Chérie- the Inkyfingers from Johor

So this was how we got our inspiration for our group name: Ma Chérie! (pronounced as " Ma Share Ri ") :D We are a group of eleven Johor girls who are passionate in blogging. I wasn't the girl in the story above, but I feel so thankful that I am being brought into this big family. All thanks to:

Kim - the founder of this group;
Audrey - the designer behind our lovely group logo;
Eryn - for the beautiful story written for Ma Chérie;
Ler - for all the advice given regarding IT stuffs;
Jennifer - our professional make up artist;
Carinn - for bringing me into this group;
Princess and Cece - the lovely sisters who are forever helpful;
Edlyn - the cute youngest sister in the group; and
Sherlyn - the doctor wannabe, just like me!

We want others to recognise us as a community, which brings you the latest trends and the fastest and  most accurate information - be it food, beauty, travel or fashion - we have them all! Everyone of us is like a flower ready to bloom and charm the world. We work together as colleagues, help each other like friends, and love each other like family. When I was still new to the group, I was clueless about everything. However, I received so much of help and even though I never say them out, I feel so touched deep inside. I have learned so much since the beginning. Of course there are times when some of us were caught up in work and there never seems to be enough time. But with helping hands from the other members, we overcome all of these obstacles and grow stronger.

Blogging is our interest, our passion, our dream. We are not going to give up just because of our busy work schedule. We strive to achieve the seemingly impossible work-life balance, because we know that we have YOU - our loyal readers who will continuously show your love and support. We are the Inkyfingers from Johor, "Inky" depicts writing; and "fingers" are what we use to do our work - that we type to produce blog posts for our dearest readers!

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p/s: Ma Chérie first project coming up soon! A fun and mysterious one.
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A million thanks to all my readers, for your kind words, your support and for believing in me. Thank you for spending your time to read through my words, even if this is the first time you are visiting my blog. Thank you to my blogger friends, blogging has never been this fun before. I never know I can do this much in such a short time, and I know I wouldn't achieve them without all of you. And it is amazing how all of us are working towards the same dream now. You are the courage for me to run a little faster, dream a little bigger.

Dear readers, I hope you are living the life of your dream too! :)

''Dare to dream.''
Love all of you!
Eunice, xoxo


  1. this is beautiful! ;)

  2. Such gorgeous photos. I'm originally from KL, now living in Melbourne...and I've never seen the flowers from these trees!

    Love the collaboration efforts too, keep up the great work!


    1. Hello there! Yea the flowers were really gorgeous. Thank you very much for your encouragement! :)


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