Saturday, June 25, 2011

A new page of my life :)

Eunice Tham has been disappear from this world.

Are u having this thought in your mind? :)
After a month in Kolej Matrikulasi Negeri Sembilan
finally i am settled down
and squeeze out a time
sitting in front of my friend's laptop like what i am doing now
writing my blog.
I guess kmns is really gonna be my home for one year.
to be accurate, it's just 10 months.

So what? What's the big deal when others leading a better life than u?
Open your heart and accept it.
A really great person will always be that great no matter where he/she is.
Stop looking back when u are already on your track okay?

How's life in matriks?
washing your own clothes everyday
eating spicy food for every meal
wearing formally everyday
not a single inch of skin can be exposed ( okay this is exaggerating -.- )
wearing high heels black leather shoes everyday
calling your class as practicum
calling your teacher as lecturer
calling your lessons as kuliah
calling your kantin before as kafe
u met with ur friends almost every seconds in a day
u thinking and troubling over what u gonna eat for your next meal
u anticipating for the break of the day
u looking forward for the coming of every weekend
and yet feeling extremely boring on Saturday and Sunday.

You think over every cents u spent now
bargaining over a few cents with the kafe's uncle
going out to the hongkong shop to eat chinese meal with your friends every weekend
missing mummy's homecook almost every moment
missing all kinds of fruits that you seldom have chance to eat nowadays
grab a bite of biscuits turn out to be a normal action when u study in your room

u cry in your blanket when u miss someone badly
calling your mum and tell her that u really miss her and your home
u laugh with your friends over a stupid little joke
u fight for bathrooms with malays everyday
u talking broken english and bm with the malays everyday
what u can see during every assembly is malays everywhere.
u shout in disgust every time the cats in the kolej jumps up your bags
u need to be mentally prepared that water supply may be cut off when u are halfway bathing
and, no electrically supply for the bathroom during night time! ==

I guess this is the study life that really suits Eunice Tham.
No cinema no tv no shopping malls no entertainment no pork.
What's the big deal? just be myself.
I dont need to change at all.

Ex-matriks seniors told me that he miss matrix life.
Thinking back of what he said,
I guess i will miss it after one year like what he did, too.
I wish i could remember every single memories in kmns.
For things precious like this, why not?

This is random.
But i MUST upload this photo. This was an Bio experiment i did last week.
We mix our blood in NAOH solution. Mine is the middle one! :D 
I realise that i really really do feel the excitement when i see blood.
HAHA i know that sounds really evil right. But that's really what i feel.
Perhaps i am meant to be a doctor? :)

The 'E' test tube stands for Eunice! yay :)

Manage to went all the way up to Cheras, KL on the second week to watch the Singmal Competition. Was so proud of my little juniors during the competition! :) They werent the winners at the end, but they are the BEST. No other words can describe them.
The happiest thing is to met up with my lovely st john guys! :D These awesome guys are Ong Li Yin, Seetoh Yiling, Ah Liang, Tan, Sean, Alex, Bryan Yeoh, Lee Jian Wei and Dylan Soh.
They are the ones who we called as TRUE FRIENDS
Just a single message, and they brought me all the reference books i need in matriks. :)
As most of them are ex-matrix students. and also future doctors. haha.
So nice and touching.
I hope i can give them a hug and say thank you :p

Photos taken in front of the restaurant in KL by the photographer of the day
Sean! :)

Last but not least, this is the girl that i must show to everyone. :)
Love her to the max as always! <3
I am missing your cheesecake like hell. :(

Next, I am going to show u the crazy and amazing people i met in kmns.
You wouldnt believe that we just known each other for a month.
But not when u do everything with them everyday.
You having homesick as they do.
You solve every difficulties in studies with them.
They are the one who are closest to u
the one who u can really rely on
Thanks to them, I discover the crazy part of me ;D

From the left: Zhiwei, Lee Pui Hong, me and Yang Xue Ni :D

Starting to be a little bit crazy XD

I feel extremely lucky to meet this two lovely girls. They are almost the same height as me!
Nobody is gonna complain to me that I am too tall anymore :p

I learnt how to do funny faces from them.
Oh my god u wouldnt recognise that was Eunice Tham -.-

Photos taken in the library!

My besties Lee Pui Hong and Yang Xue Ni <3

有的人挥了挥手 掉头就走
但珍惜你的人 即使被迫在中途下车
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