Saturday, January 31, 2015

Life as a medical student #3 Let's go jogging

Picked up my old habit of jogging in the evening today. And it feels so so good. I smiled to strangers. I admired the flowers that people grown outside of their houses. I realised that the family who had a cute rabbit as their pet, was no longer living in there. I have forgotten how beautiful the sunset is.  The sky is so blue, the clouds are so fluffy. Why didn't I think of doing this earlier? When I was all stressed up last semester, why didn't I go jog? I jogged when I was in IC1, like everyday, but not even a single day in IC2. What have I missed out?

Yesterday was a bad day. Got screwed by my supervisor, which, I think he was right. With just passion is not going to pull me through medical school. I am just....not capable enough. Whatever you have in your head, if you don't speak up, if you don't speak to impress, you are just one dumb idiot. But, almost all the time, I have thousands of thoughts running in my head - should I say this? No I shouldn't. People will laugh at me. Is this correct? No it could probably wrong, I better don't say it. My thoughts are scattered. Only by writing, I can sort out my mind and say myself best. Maybe, just maybe. I need to speak up for myself. I am terrified of something, which I have always wanted to avoid. And yesterday, it just exploded. And I could no longer hide it. I wish I could be perfect in everything I do, I never thought that I could be that weak, and stupid, in front of people. 

I would do anything, to get out of this shit.

Had a bit of thinking today when I was jogging. So I was thinking, maybe one day I would thank him for this. What doesn't kill me makes me stronger anyway. I sat on my favourite swing, had some time to myself. I really, really love this. It calms me down. It makes me think. And I don't have to do anything to please anyone.

Because my thoughts are stars I cannot fathom into constellations.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

记我与慈济的一段缘 #2 承担的幸福

518营队后,Perdana University多了一群很有理想的年轻人。他们开始聚在一起,想要一起做点什么来让这个世界有那么一点点的不一样。所以,他们有了See Green See Lives。

See Green See Lives

凯勋伙伴向我提起See Green See Lives,问我要不要协助他做协调方面的工作。当下没有多想,马上就答应了。第一次承担,满腹的理想,满脑子的点子,我感觉到自己有很多的力量可以去改变,可以去影响。同时很高兴自己找回了那股热血,距离上一次自己这么地有干劲是多久以前的事了?我仿佛看到了中学时期那个因为办活动而笑得很开心的女孩。主动接下了制作结缘品晴天娃娃的这份工作之后,我忙着帮助凯勋处理协调其他事物,直到活动的前一天我才恍然 - 我还没有开始动工做晴天娃娃!


A blossom which can endure the toughest conditions
will bear the sweetest fruit.


[DIY TUTORIAL] Melted Crayon Art - Kissing In The Rain

It was Anjanette's 22nd birthday. I ran out of birthday gift ideas for this special girl of mine, then suddenly an idea struck me, why not DIY something for her? That's when I came across this on internet and inspired by it - melted crayon art! If you are looking for a fun, easy, cheap art project, you can't go wrong with this. This is an easy, straightforward project that delivers a lot of graphic impact for not very much effort. Here I put together an easy step by step photo tutorial to help you make one for your own!


Drawing paper
BUNCHO Oil Pastels in 24 colours
Hair Dryer
Double sided tape
Transparent tape


Before you begin, take some time to decide what and where you would like your design to be. I decided to draw a kissing couple under an umbrella. I chose to make my paper sit portrait and my design rest on the right side. Then colour it with colour pencil.

STEP TWO: Prepare

Get your crayons out!


Decide what kind of color spectrum you want to do. I opted for a rainbow palette. You could also do only cool colors, only warm colors, a random assortment, etc. Lay out your crayons along the top edge of your drawing paper.

STEP FOUR: Stick & Tape

Put double sided tape under the crayons. Make sure they stick on the drawing paper. I put an additional layer of transparent tape on top of them to secure them better.


Cover your work surface in newspaper. You will know why later!

Here comes the fun part - turn on your hair dryer! I started out on strongest hot wind. Focus the heat on the crayons, they melt easily! 

You have to experiment a little to see how your hair dryer works with melting the crayons. If this is your first time, it is better to put it on a low blower setting first, otherwise it will spatter the crayons everywhere. 

The crayons will quickly turn sweaty, then start dripping down the paper. 
Just like the coloured rain. :)

At this point of time, you will have to tilt your drawing paper a little to control how fast the drips go and allow the melted crayon to flow in the way you wish to. Or you could also prop the drawing paper against the wall.

I concentrate on one area at a time, working my way across the drawing paper. It takes 5-10 minutes on each area. It took me about an hour to get all the colours to melt sufficiently. If you are not happy with how far down the crayons melted, you could always go back over the specific area until you get the desired effect.

STEP SIX: Wait for it to dry and voila!

To be honest, I am not satisfied with the finished artwork. :( I didn't expect the crayon painting to be ''brittle'' and part of the crayon to peel off, leaving behind a translucent coloured area on the paper. (See the yellow and green part)

TIPS: To avoid this, don't move the paper until it is COMPLETELY dry!

''Kissing In The Rain''

Nevertheless, I had fun during the process. Picking up crayons make me feel like a kid all over again.  And I am sure you would have fun watching crayons melt with the on switch of a hair dryer, too! :)
Let me know if you'd ever try something like this. What makes you feel like a kid again? What's your favourite DIY project?

Leave a comment below to share with me!

A plain white paper has unlimited possibilities.
Colour yours.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Life as a medical student #2 The lady who inspires me

''What your mind doesn't know, 
your eyes won't see, your ears won't hear, your hands won't feel.''
- Dr Uma Sothinathan

We all look up to strong, independent women. But how do we become one ourselves? There's this one lady - her determination, vision, and strength have always inspired me and is a great example of how we can do anything we set our minds to. Her name is Dr Uma Sothinathan, PU-RCSI Director of Clinical Competency.

I used to dislike her. She is one of the lecturers who emphasises a lot on dress code in university. It really gets on my nerve - it means I have to say goodbye to my skirts and dresses because they are all above knee length! I used to think that she's conservative and demanding. However, not long after I attended her classes and listened to her talks, I realised I was wrong. Proper and decent clothing is a protection to ourselves and also our patients. There's a reason behind everything she does. Deep down, how much she wishes that all of us would make Perdana University proud when we are working in the hospitals in the future. She speaks to us like how a mum speaks to her children. All because she truly cares.

She uses creative methods in delivering quality clinical teaching, with emphasis on reflective practice, mindfulness and shared learning in her students. She made us think - how to be a good doctor? She taught us to be compassionate. She taught us to stop and listen. She taught us to feel. Her humour, her passion in paediatrics, her sparkling eyes when she talks about it. All of these influence my life in ways I am still discovering. 

There's once she made me cry - when she was in-charge of the performance for White Coat Ceremony 2014. It was a group performance. She pointed out my mistake directly, corrected me and said I am not cut out for the stage. She said all these right to my face, I tried so hard not to cry in front of her. I mean, I may not be that talented, but I love stage performance! How could you deny the efforts that I have made to be able to shine on the stage. How could you. I continued to practise, and practise, and practise. She no longer gave any comments, she just sat down at a side and watched. Then when the music stopped, she walked towards me and said, ''You did a very good job. That's the way!'' 

Thank you, for allowing me to grow my own wings. 

Sunday, January 25, 2015

记我与慈济的一段缘 #1 精进研习营分享



穿着整齐的浅蓝色制服,白色的长裤,朝气蓬勃的一群年轻人 - 这是你对慈青的第一印象吗?姿殷学姐在《礼仪之美》这个环节与大家分享行食坐卧该有的礼仪。学姐分享说,穿上制服是学习放下:制服不是压力,而是要我们放下自己的身段与欲望,与伙伴们共存,回归最初的自己。脱下制服是学习落实:虽然没有身穿制服,但是我们要把慈青的使命落实于生活。透过短剧,我们也学习到讲话要直而圆,这样听者才能真正从中受惠,彼此才能互相成长和学习。

体谅会化解伤害  关怀会化解疑猜



‘人生最苦,莫过于病痛;福田最大,莫过于医病’ 何国煌医师提醒了在座各位医学生从医的初衷。人医的使命是照顾弱势团体,解除贫与病这个恶性循环,并且照顾患者的心,医人,医病,也医心。医师也说,我们应该舍弃西医的优越感,放下身段,放小自己,多多运用中医的智慧,这样才能真正造福人群。有苦的人走不出来,有福的人要走进去!










清晨的绕佛绕法环节,大家一起虔诚地静下心来绕佛绕法,两字一步合齐行进,将 ‘立体琉璃同心圆,菩提林立同根生,队组合心耕福田,慧根深植菩萨道’ 之法,一字一句深铭于心。之后欣仪伙伴更是与大家分享绕佛绕法中的大罄的智慧。她说,虽然敲下大罄的时候声音不是那么地大声,但是那回声却是余音绕梁。她期许大家做个像大罄一样的人,让善的种子得以一直一直地播种出去。

承担的热忱 - 用爱付出,不辛苦!






佳薇  感恩合十

Saturday, January 24, 2015

[FOOD REVIEW] B.E Cafe @ Taman Molek, JB - Part Three

I love indulging in lazy weekend evenings with a book in the hand and sipping a cup of cappuccino for hours. One of my favourite cafes in JB has got to be B.E Cafe, not only for the coffee but also the amazing atmosphere. (You can read about my previous experience here and here) This time round, Ma Cherie girls were invited to their old branch, also at Taman Molek. Let's see what they have for us this time!

1. Atlantic Salmon Salad RM 19.90

What's for appetizer? Here we have freshly cut atlantic salmon, lightly grilled, which then carefully laid onto fresh greens. The salmon was beautifully carved with simple yet exquisite details. Topped with their homemade lemon dill dressing, it is no ordinary salad. Tasty, nutritious and filling!

2. Creamy Pumpkin Soup RM 13.90

I love pumpkin. This beautiful soup is hearty and comforting, with fresh pumpkin softened in the chicken soup, which then puréed to perfection. It was so smooth and creamy that it will make you fall in love with pumpkin, too!

3. Classic Eggs Benedict RM 20.90

I love eggs - I don't know what I would do without them! They are delicious any way you cook them. So needless to say, I love egg benedict. B.E Cafe's poached eggs were tender on the outside and creamy inside, topped with the buttery hollandaise sauce. The egg was then served on daily baked muffin and ham. 

4. Wild Mushroom Rosti RM 18.90

Not many cafes in Malaysia serve rosti, so this makes B.E Cafe stand out. A simple rosti has well-seasoned grated potato, fried until golden and crunchy on the outside and remains soft on the inside. Best to eat with the homemade sour cream at the side. As always, I love B.E Cafe's mushrooms!

5. Club Sandwich RM 15.90

Also called a clubhouse sandwich, B.E Cafe ensures the quality of their sandwich by using only daily baked and toasted bread. The delicious combination of ham, tomato, cheese, lettuce, cucumber and scrambled egg is hard to resist. Sided with fat fries to satisfy you even more!

6. Triple Royale Cake RM 9.90

A delicious dinner is great, but dessert makes it better. With the combination of chocolate cheese, creamy mascarpone cheese and soft chocolate cake, this triple royale cake is as pleasing to the eye as it is to the sweet tooth. Sweet, rich and sinful.

7. Carrot Cake RM 9.90

This carrot cake was moist and delicious - often carrot cakes are dry. The addition of coconut adds a sweet and delicate flavour that you are going to love. Cream cheese frosting elevate this carrot cake from ordinary to extraordinary. Totally to die for!

8. Granola RM 12.90

I love how B.E Cafe present granola in this small, little cup. Contains yogurt, walnuts, berries and crunchy cereal. The sourness of the yogurt goes well with the sweetness of the berries.

9. Cold Brew RM 12.90

Before ending the night, we had this cold brew. It is light, refreshing and incredibly smooth, definitely an appealing alternative to hot coffee. And the best part is it captures the essence of coffee. 

Time flies when you are having plenty of good fun. Thank you B.E Cafe for the awesome service, and Jack who invited us over and being so helpful and understanding all these while. Here's a picture of Ma Cherie girls to express our gratitude to our fellow readers. We hope to produce more good food reviews for you in the future! Hope you find my reviews helpful. Thanks for reading! :)

Click on the link below to read more about B.E Cafe! :)

B.E Cafe
(New Branch):
2, Jalan Molek 1/5C,
Taman Molek,
81100 JB.

*Below Molek Garden Hotel*

Tel: 07-3503128
Operating Hours: 8.00am - 11.30pm

B.E Cafe Instagram:

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