Saturday, January 3, 2015

[FOOD REVIEW] B.E Cafe @ Taman Molek, JB - Part One

Who doesn't love cafe-hopping, especially with so many new cafes sprouting all over JB? In recent years, there has been a surge in the popularity of coffee. As we log on to Instagram, it is common that we see a whole string of photos of cafes that people are visiting. But do you know, or appreciate what it takes to brew that perfect cup of coffee? Ma Cherie girls were invited to the newly opened B.E Cafe branch in Taman Molek, and here we witnessed how the baristas combine their passion, skills, knowledge, and artistry to prepare not just a cup of coffee, but a work of art for every customer.

B.E Cafe - Be yourself
Taste the food, enjoy the coffee.

B.E Cafe boasts a homey, cozy atmosphere. It is the kind of cafes that I like - laid back, not overly designed, very friendly, where the focus is mainly on coffee. It was rather quiet for a Sunday but I guess that is also what makes the cafe comfy for a nice chill out place.

Selection of good magazines to relax and recharge, or to gain inspiration.

Barista of the day - Ah Sam was all focus making our coffee.

1. Rose Latte RM10.50

The very first cup of coffee immediately captured my heart. Girls love roses - so there's no doubt that this is going to be a love at first sight. Served with some rose petals on top, the rose latte tasted really good with that light rose aroma, yet the whole taste is not overpower by the caffeine. A perfect house blend of coffee beans from Columbia and Sumatra.

2. Caramel Macchiato RM10.90

The whip cream combined with the caramel sauce made this caramel macchiato sweet and incredibly rich and creamy. Satisfy my sweet tooth with minimal effort.

3. B.E Cappuccino RM8.50

One of the most popular espresso drinks, one can never go wrong with a cup of cappuccino. A cappuccino done right should be equal parts espresso, steamed milk and foamed milk. B.E cappuccino has the smooth and milky texture with a lingering coffee taste. I think they've got it right!

4. Syphon Handbrew Coffee RM15.00

Other than the standard espresso-based drinks, B.E Cafe offers hand-brewed coffee as well. This manually-brewed coffee requires skill and patience. In B.E Cafe, single origin coffee beans from Kenya were used to retain and perfect the beans' distinct characteristics. A clean, refined cup of coffee. Not my cup of coffee, but recommended to those who want to try something different!

5. Iced Latte RM11.50

When you are in the mood for iced coffee, try B.E Cafe's signature drink - iced latte. It was not as creamy and sweet as the hot one. Tasted fairly plain to me initially, but the more I drank, the more I liked it. A nice coffee aftertaste.

6. Vanilla Affogato RM9.90

Vanilla ice cream drowned in espresso - this is what makes up an affogato. The espresso melts some of the ice cream, creating a bittersweet, creamy sauce. This is a heavenly combination. So simple, yet impressive! Love this. And don't you think it looks extra elegant in that tall cocktail glass? :)

7. Citrus Chocolate RM12.50

The last two drinks I am going to introduce here are non-caffeinated drinks. Just look at this - another beautiful piece of art. I expected some fresh citrus aroma in this citrus chocolate but to my surprise, it tasted just like ordinary hot chocolate. So rich it tasted almost like a melted chocolate bar, a little bit too sweet for me. To all the chocolate lovers, I swear you would love this.

8. Baby Chino RM7.50

The moment this drink was served, all the girls went crazy - OMG LOOK AT THIS! It is so irresistibly cute! I stared at it in admiration and I really couldn't bear to drink it. Frothed milk topped with marshmallows and chocolate sprinkles, this is a cup of cuteness with the taste of heaven. Lovely!

With the opening of so many new cafes nowadays, those who want to survive in the market need to offer something special to distinguish themselves from their competitors. Beautiful drink presentation shows your customers that you strive for perfection in your operation, and I think this is really a plus point for B.E Cafe. They serve good food too, stay tuned for my updates. :D

Click on the link below to read more about B.E Cafe! :)

B.E Cafe (New Branch)
46, Jalan Molek 1/28,
Taman Molek,
81100 JB.
*Behind OCBC bank and Lavender*

Tel: 07-3643128
Operating Hours: 9am - 7pm

B.E Coffee Facebook Page:
B.E Coffee Instagram:


  1. I love your English Eunice!!! So nicely written!

    1. Thank you Princess! Looking forward to your post! :)

  2. Replies
    1. Camera not good that's why have to use editing to help :p Thanks babe!

  3. I've been there before and I love the acoustic music there.. and ofc the coffee ! :)

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