Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Being Emotionally Attached

It is hard to let go of stuff.

We all have things that we have become attached to and would feel deprived without. It all started when a child couldn't sleep without his favourite bolster/blanket/toys. The perfect example is me. I am still using the same bolster that I have been using for more than 10 years. And I bring it everywhere I go. My confession is: I have strong emotional attachment to inanimate objects, all the time. I have that sense of guilt for throwing away a pair of worn-out shoes. I feel sorry for the food when the food is thrown away. Terribly upset when something is broken/destroyed. I always let my teddy bear sit on my bed properly and I forbid my friends from bullying him - he feels the pain. I still remember how long I have been emo-ing over my damaged headphones 2 years back, because it was given by my friend and I really treasured it. And now. Just yesterday. I lost another gift.

''It's only objects. Why react so extremely?'' 

But I couldn't help and the threat of loss of the object triggered anxiety. I started panicking and blaming myself and tearing up and I swear at that moment my mental age regressed by at least a decade. I feel....incomplete.

Perhaps I am destined to be an emotional creature. And I am stubborn like that.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

[REVIEW] Food Panda Delivery - Where Love Is Found

There's nothing like curling up in bed on a rainy night. The couple just finished the movie marathon, only to realise that their stomachs are growling - it is time for dinner! But no, none of them wants to get all dressed up and drive to a restaurant. Then the boyfriend struck by an idea - how about ordering food from Food Panda?

Food Panda comes to the rescue!

''What is Food Panda?''

''Nah,'' The boyfriend says, while taking out his smartphone. ''It is an online food delivery service. This little panda does food delivery to anywhere at anytime, food are just a finger tip away! Lemme show you.''

''First, let's download the apps from

or simply log on to:

''........then search for our location to see what are the restaurants around us!''

''Hmph I bet only MacD or KFC is available for delivery. They are so oily and unhealthy lorr.....''

''Nope you are wrong. Check this out!''

''Food Panda takes food delivery to another impressive level. Maybe you want a juicy homemade burger, a steak done to your liking, dessert after a meal, or pasta, pizza, Indian, Thai - it really doesn't matter. Food Panda is able to provide you with a wide variety of choices. See they have them all! They even have the minimum order, delivery fee and delivery time listed on each restaurant so you will know how long it takes before placing your order. So what you want darling?''

''Oh my goodness look! They have Starbucks, Kenny Rogers, and even my favourite CHATIME!''

The couple is overwhelmed by the choices available. What's for dinner tonight?

By using the 'filter' function at the top right corner, they found their desired restaurant - Vivo Pizza! 
One can never go wrong with pizzaaaaaa!

''Darling we can choose the size of the pizza that we want, and even additional cheese! 
The pictures of the food and the description are also clear and straight forward. 
It feels just like dining in the restaurant, don't you think?''

''8 inch okay?''


*Adding food to basket/cart*

Once order has been confirmed, the total amount of their order is shown on the next page and they then proceed to checkout. They are required to key in necessary information like address upon checkout. 

They receive a SMS to their phone with a verification code, and a subsequent SMS saying how long it takes for the delivery to arrive. Payment can be made online or cash on delivery. So convenient and easy!

''Now sit back and wait patiently for the food to arrive at our doorstep!''

The girlfriend is happy and impressed!

''No more instant noodles, bread and biscuits for my late night crave........''
Found a gem. *touched*

After an hour........

''HONK HONKKKK.......!!!!''

The delivery man is here!

The food arrived warm! All in good condition. *Thumbs up*
Mmmmmm.... Smells good.
Bon appetit!

A full stomach makes a happy heart.
Then the couple be like...... (Y)


Producer: More Than Words Production
Director: Food Panda Malaysia
Special thanks to: Mamasan Tammy!

P/S: Have a Food Panda story to tell too? Comment below and lemme know! :)

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Turning Twenty-one.

Everyone insists on acknowledging that turning 21 is a huge milestone in life. It means you are officially in your 20s, no longer dancing on the edge of teenage and adulthood. But knowing that, I had no expectations or whatsoever. I thought it's just gonna be another ordinary day. Well it was, but with a little bit of unexpected twist at the end of the day.

I was blessed with surprises by an old friend of mine, and it brought back some old memories four years ago. I still vividly remember what happened on my 17th birthday night - how could I ever forget? I wonder if you still remember, but I find it better not to bring this up again. Things have changed tremendously. The other person was not even there. Why am I still relating here and there? Silly me. For a moment, I thought history was gonna repeat - but nope. Phew. This time, you did it right. All in all, it was a great night. Good food, thoughtful gift, sweet surprise. What more could I ask for?

I wish everything stays the way it is.

Not forgetting all the other three pre-birthday celebrations that I had. All of the kind that I like best - simple and sweet. Thank you for knowing what I like best and making me feel loved. I need no expensive presents. Your presence is everything that matters to me. All of you.

On a side note, my thoughts and prayers go out to all the flood victims in Malaysia. I have friends in Kelantan and Negeri Sembilan and I really couldn't bear to see them losing their home. I wish that the condition gets better and families get to reunite in this festive season.

We tend to relate 21 as growing up. The sense of responsibility and perhaps some big decisions in life. For girls, it is time to invest in a great shade of lipstick. Looks are not everything but confidence will get you far and when you look good, you feel good. Take this advice. And how else my 21 is gonna be? 

Give until it hurts. 
Reach out and touch someone. 
Spend time with your love. 
Hug someone who needs it. 
Go out and make your dream comes true.

That's about it. I guess.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

[EVENT REVIEW] Maybelline Colour Show - Show Off Your True Colours

Open your make-up bag and take a look inside. See all those nude lipsticks, light brown eye shadows and black eyeliners? Put them away, right now. It's time to experiment with a rainbow palette of colour - and the bolder, the better! Introducing Maybelline New York Colour Show, with its latest, widest range of hot make up colours inpired by the catwalks. 

I was honored to be invited to the Maybelline media event courtesy of The Butterfly Project Malaysia. It was rare for them to have events in JB so all the girls were excited! The event was held in B.E cafe, a cosy cafe in Taman Molek.

Maybelline bringing New York style to the tips of your fingers! Whether you are a first time make up user or an experienced user, Colour Show lets you easily create bold New-York looks with its convenient formulas. Application is easy and fuss-free, giving you access to the seasons' hottest hues right at your fingertips.

This collection of hot and brilliant colours offers a quick fashion fix, from red hot lips to graphic eyes and standout nail art. Each Colour Show product is specially developed to complement one another so you can easily change, update or give yourself an instant makeover.

1. Colour Show Lip Color
Recommended retail price: RM17.90

Look at these four pretty babies! With colours inspired straight from the fashion shows, Color Show Lip Color offers brilliance and boldness in just one swipe. Plus, its fragrance - which is specially created for the Asian market - is a pampering indulgence each time you apply it on your lips. Here's a sneak peek, there are a total of 16 shades of lipstick ranging from Nude, Pink, Red and Plum.

2. Color Show Liner
Recommended retail price: RM17.90

If you are still using black or brown eyeliners - you. are. out. Check out these new eyeliners from Maybelline. From top: Spicy Orange, Shiny Beige, Noble Purple, Light PCK Green, Ocean Blue and Inca Gold. A total of 6 shades. I can't wait to get my hands on each of them!

3. Color Show Nail Lacquer
Recommended retail price: RM9.90

With a total of 20 shades of nail colours, now everyone can explore their artistic side with Color Show Nail Lacquer! Available in a wide range of bold, in-fashion colours, its enhanced thicker brush offers a smoother application while its improved colour formula ensures that the hue goes on dramatic. Sounds too good to be true? Let's test on it!

First we applied a layer of nail lacquer on top of a coffee filter paper and next we added a drop of water. We watched as the water seep through the paper around the nail polish. We always worry that the layer of colours on our nails causing oxygen and air unable to penetrate through the nails, but with Maybelline Color Show Nail Lacquer, it is totally breathable!

After introducing us to the new collection, it's time for some fun! All the girls were given the new products to try and create a full look using Maybelline products.

Time to show off your true colours babe!

Photo credits to Edlyn

Here's our artwork! The first nail is my creation hehe. Used only three colours: black, silver and gold, with a big 'M' which stands for Maybelline! It was my first time doing nail art and we were given limited time so.... don't judge kay. Haha.

Congratulations to Princess and Edlyn for winning the best make over and the most creative nail art. Both of them walked away with Maybelline make up products worth RM200 and 20 bottles of nail lacquer. Omg so happy for them! :)

Photo credits to Carinn

It was really an afternoon well spent! Ended the day with some selfies and group photo. #girlsbeinggirls

Photo credits to Carinn

Photo credits to Princess

I am having a love affair with colours since that day. How about you? Get your Maybelline New York Color Show Lip Color and Color Show Liner at selected pharmacies, hypermarkets and supermarkets. Take note that Color Show Nail Lacquers are only available at selected Watsons and Guardian stores. For more information, kindly visit:

Maybelline's website
Maybelline's Instagram

Maybe she's born with it. Maybe it's Maybelline!

Thanks for reading till this line.
Till then!
Eunice :)

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