Sunday, March 31, 2013

Healthy competition.

Had a few, continuous busy weeks resulting in me not updating myself here for quite a while.
By the way, I just finished another exam!
It is amazing to realise that I am approaching the end of my Semester 2 soon!
Wow. I am not anymore new to Perdana.
Imagine that I will have to welcome a new badge of juniors very soon.

I have a very good feeling studying in Perdana.
It is either I adapt things too well or I am getting more and more positive thinking. Well I would prefer the second. :D
This is a place where 70 of different kinds of people, mingle together, forming a small family of our own. The organisation is terribly simple. 2 buildings, 2 lecture halls, 1 anatomy laboratory, 1 anatomy museum. Too simple and easy until I will never sesat in my university ( which is a good thing? :p ) No other courses or faculties in my university. Everyone of us having a same goal, same determination, same future, which is to serve the ill.
I somehow think that a competitive place always suit me better.
For competition always train me into a stronger person.
I may not be the strongest person in this university, but I become the strongest me.

By the way, the feeling of getting an A in Anatomy Practical, for the very first time, was awesome. :)

Saturday, March 16, 2013


I have a friend living in Kuala Pilah and he basically going back to home every weekend.
So I can't help to miss Kuala Pilah.
I don't miss the place, I miss the people over there.
Girls, I wonder when will be our next epic epic epic ever shot.


Friday, March 15, 2013

Strongest woman I have ever seen.

Who says the moon in the other country is rounder?
This post is dedicated to my sister in France. Ah no. She is in Poland now. :) Btw, this is because her Master programme requires her to move from one country to another.
In just a few months time, I think she experienced everything she never experienced in Malaysia.
Firstly, had appendicitis right after she reached France. Missed class because was admitted to hospital. Language barrier. Then lost passport. Forced to extend staying in France while watching all the other colleagues moving to Poland. Left all alone. Missed class again because she couldn't go to Poland on time. Went here went there to reapply passport and visa. Experienced how French people show no respect to Asian girl. No lending hands. Settle all the problems, carrying all the luggages, all by herself.
And when I asked her how's everything, she always smile and tell us she is very okay. Never want us in Malaysia to worry for her. She even spares her time to worry about my study stuffs here.
I really hope that's the end of her bad luck in her these 2 years of studying abroad.
Too tough and too strong.
I salute.
Somehow I feel that the moon in the other country is never rounder. I find the moon in Malaysia is round enough. Because this is where we belong to, our comfort zone. :)

She is the strongest woman I have ever seen.
Get up. Dress up. Show up. Never give up!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

This world is not beautiful.

There was one day, a lecturer sent his students an email at night, asking them to read a journal so that they can have a discussion on it on the next day. Of course all of the students were full of complaints, because that journal was nearly 10 pages long and it was something unrelated to their lecture notes, full of medical jargons ( which if you never go and google and search for each and every word of it, you basically will not understand the text at all. )

So there was this girl, downloaded the journal given, looked through it, and started to read, feeling that even though it was already late, it was still her responsibility to read it, completed the task given by the lecturer. However, it was really a long winded and boring journal. And, it was already midnight. So she gave up after she read the introduction. The next day, this girl attended the class with a little bit of guilt and fear. She asked around and found out that no one actually finished reading it, some even claimed that they never had a glance of it at all. Some said they didn't even download the journal. Some said, eh got such thing meh? Have to read this? I didn't even hear of it. Okay phew. At least she doesn't feel that bad. We are all in the same boat, isn't it?

Not until when the lecturer came in and asked the first question. Who have read the journal? She started to see some of the people who claimed that they ''didn't read'', they ''didn't know about it'', raised their hands confidently. She was stunned. But after all, majority of them remained silent and they didn't raise their hands. The lecturer started to lose his patience. He was pissed. If you didn't read what was supposed to discuss today, then why are you here? You don't have to be here. Please leave this room. The girl nearly cried, never been chased out by her teacher before in her life, and that lecturer was her favourite lecturer. She asked the lecturer, are we allowed to stay? And she heard the most cruel reject in her life, NO.

If you ask me, what is the moral of this story?

There are two types of people in this story:
1. people who read the journal but lied to the girl that they didn't read
2. people who didn't read the journal but lied to the lecturer that they read.
It seems like both cases are lying, but to me, it is completely different.
People in the first case are cunning. They are trying to manipulate others thinking.
People in the second case are just cowards. They didn't dare to admit their own mistakes and choose to lie to make themselves feel better.
To think that these cunning people and cowards are going to be future doctor.

Forget about these two kind of people. There is also question about honesty and dishonesty. Why did the girl receive all the humiliation ( got chased out from the class ), not that minority group of people? They lied! A point to remember here is, everyone in this class stand in the same position. No one will have finish reading everything. Not to underestimate people, but this is just a mission impossible. Why is it that people who chose to lie that they have read everything are safe? Why those who chose to admit that they didn't finish reading it are the one blamed by the lecturer?

Okay story finished. No offence. Just a food for thought.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Someone please help me!
My hair faces its most difficult problem in its 19 years of life. It just refuses to grow anymore longer. :(
It is now somewhere below my chest level, and it STOPS.
You know I want it to be longer, longer, longer, don't you?

Here comes March.
But February has been treating me nice!
CNY, trip to Penang and Ipoh, beautiful roses during Valentine.
Oh ya.
As crazy as usual, I took part in my university's talent show namely PU's Got Talent 2013.
Five girls presented SNSD's dance. Haha.
Feedback was good, judges gave good comments, audience gave full spiritual support throughout the night, and most important of all, we enjoyed the night. :)

From the left : Jia Mei, Abby, me, Lilian and XinYee

SNSD Tell me your wish!

Had a great catch up with my favourite girlfriend last Friday.
Just love to talk to this girl. <3 p="">


Sunday, March 3, 2013


Dear Dr Chandra and Patient Ng,

Good day to both of you. We never met each other but you know how eager I want to meet both of you. I need both of you to complete my Early Patient Contact ( EPC ) module. Through taking part in this GP visit, we want to appreciate the professional responsibilities of a doctor and get to know more about doctor-patient relationship. My lecturer has assigned me and my team members to you. We are going to learn professionalism from you, doctor. Please show us your professionalism. We came to your clinic twice, but why. Why we had never seen you or talked to you. ( not to say learn from you ) Stop asking your Miss Receptionist to deal with us.What we want is just to be able to talk to you. I have sacrificed hours in your clinic waiting for you. I was supposed to go to another event today ( which yes I wanted to go very much ), but I didn't go, because I keep my promise, to meet you today. Are you going to sit inside your comfy office the third time we going to visit you ( which is this coming Monday )? You have ruined your own image. Patient Ng, you have hypertension and diabetes, your appointment might be only taking blood pressure and checking blood sugar level, but please don't underestimate this. You might earn thousands billions in an hour but your health is the one we are concerned about. Your presence helps our studies. But how can you, ffk us ( and the doctor ) twice.
No matter how, I still looking forward to the day we meet each other. Till then, thank you.

A first year medical student.



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