Sunday, March 31, 2013

Healthy competition.

Had a few, continuous busy weeks resulting in me not updating myself here for quite a while.
By the way, I just finished another exam!
It is amazing to realise that I am approaching the end of my Semester 2 soon!
Wow. I am not anymore new to Perdana.
Imagine that I will have to welcome a new badge of juniors very soon.

I have a very good feeling studying in Perdana.
It is either I adapt things too well or I am getting more and more positive thinking. Well I would prefer the second. :D
This is a place where 70 of different kinds of people, mingle together, forming a small family of our own. The organisation is terribly simple. 2 buildings, 2 lecture halls, 1 anatomy laboratory, 1 anatomy museum. Too simple and easy until I will never sesat in my university ( which is a good thing? :p ) No other courses or faculties in my university. Everyone of us having a same goal, same determination, same future, which is to serve the ill.
I somehow think that a competitive place always suit me better.
For competition always train me into a stronger person.
I may not be the strongest person in this university, but I become the strongest me.

By the way, the feeling of getting an A in Anatomy Practical, for the very first time, was awesome. :)

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