Friday, March 15, 2013

Strongest woman I have ever seen.

Who says the moon in the other country is rounder?
This post is dedicated to my sister in France. Ah no. She is in Poland now. :) Btw, this is because her Master programme requires her to move from one country to another.
In just a few months time, I think she experienced everything she never experienced in Malaysia.
Firstly, had appendicitis right after she reached France. Missed class because was admitted to hospital. Language barrier. Then lost passport. Forced to extend staying in France while watching all the other colleagues moving to Poland. Left all alone. Missed class again because she couldn't go to Poland on time. Went here went there to reapply passport and visa. Experienced how French people show no respect to Asian girl. No lending hands. Settle all the problems, carrying all the luggages, all by herself.
And when I asked her how's everything, she always smile and tell us she is very okay. Never want us in Malaysia to worry for her. She even spares her time to worry about my study stuffs here.
I really hope that's the end of her bad luck in her these 2 years of studying abroad.
Too tough and too strong.
I salute.
Somehow I feel that the moon in the other country is never rounder. I find the moon in Malaysia is round enough. Because this is where we belong to, our comfort zone. :)

She is the strongest woman I have ever seen.
Get up. Dress up. Show up. Never give up!

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