Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Ending of JC3 in Perdana University

Hello lovely people! I am back. It has been a while since I am here sharing my stories. It feels good to have my fingers dancing on my keyboard again. Believe it or not, I actually have tonnes of stories to share almost at every moment of my life! I am never a person who can keep feelings and emotions to only myself and I love to share with anyone who is willing to listen. But too bad I am only here after so long because I was just too busyyyyy. *Procrastinating level infinite*

So I want to proudly announce that another great semester had just finally come to an end! And we are all entitled with a three weeks Christmas break to recharge back our batteries, because it is about time for us to step into the Intermediate Cycle in the next semester (we went through 3 Junior Cycles). Seriously I have yet to prepare myself as of now. But I know I need to. Because it will be a brand new phase, a big hurdle for me. I remember I did a reflection for every previous semester in this blog. However, pardon me. I am not going to do for the Junior Cycle 3 that has just ended. I shall keep the reason to myself. :)

Ending this post with the mandatory class picture every semester. Looking at my lovely classmates made me fall in love with Perdana all over again.

We are one big family.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Nuffnang Food Festival at Sunway Pyramid

I swear it was just a casual Saturday afternoon. 

Weekends, to me, are rather boring as I seldom go out and whole day of studying at home really freaks me out. So as I was instagram-ing last Saturday, I came across Sean's picture saying that he is going to the #NNFoodFest held in Sunway Pyramid! My first reaction was ''Aww you are going! I want, too!'' And surprisingly, Sean gave me a call immediately and asked if I wanna join him. You can see that it was a really last-minute decision because I even went with shorts and flip flops. Haha oppps. :p

If you are wondering what is #NNFoodFest, it is the Malaysia's first ever tw(eat) fest held by Nuffnang. What you have to do is to have your smartphone with you, and tweet/instagram/facebook to eat! I must say that this is a really smart move of Nuffnang. Nuffnang gets to reward us for being faithful Nuffnangers all these while, and the vendors get to promote their food plus getting additional likes on Facebook! It is a win-win situation! Smart eh? See how strong the influence of media mass to the teenagers nowadays.
*Nuffnang is the world's leading Blog Advertising Community.

Here is a list of all the vendors taking part in this event. Spot your favourite? *wink*

Photo: [MY] Check out the vendors who will be at the #NNFoodFest! 

Are you ready for it? Countdown to the #NNFoodFest: 3 DAYS!
More info our on latest blog post here: http://bit.ly/17rFE70

Sean and I reached Sunway Pyramid at around 4.30pm and we can already feel the heat when we haven't even join into the crowd!
Look at the amount of crowd on that day!

Smartphones, smartphones everywhere

After registration, Sean and I quickly joined in the crowd and started our food journey. We started by approaching the nearest stall to us - Crush Food. I don't own a twitter account so I got my free blended fruit juice by liking and sharing their Facebook page. Whereas Sean tweet and hashtag #crushfood. As simple as that!

Jackfruit twist and banana pineapple from Crush Food. Such a refreshing start!

Absolute Thai kebab

The big Maggi Kari mascot and the happy little girl posing with her balloon.
Pork soup from Restoran Sek Me Choy

Introducing the creative Nasi Lemak Popiah! From Zuo, Publika.
They wrap the rice, sambal, eggs, cucumber in the popiah, creating Malaysia very own popiah.
*Proud Malaysian*

Pan mee from Paradise Group Malaysia.
They were so generous to give us such a big portion!
Plus point is the soup base was simply delicious!
Probably the best pan mee soup base I have ever tried. (Y)

Mashed potato and chicken chop from Niko Niko Onigiri.
It looks simple but the Japanese-style mashed potato was so yummy!

Pork burger *Non-halal*
It is bite-size and it looks so cute with the small flag on top of it. :)

The lady at Ninja Joe's counter kindly explained to a Nuffnanger
how to tweet/instagram/facebook to get their food sample.

Best drink to relieve our thirst - dragon fruit ice blended from Vineg Plus.
And also the already very famous Chatime! Students'all time favourite!
They have different rule from the other vendors as we have to take a photo
with their exclusive Chatime frame and instagram the photo.
So we did and we got one Chatime each! Yay.
*ignore my messy hair. Ahhhh.*

We were already very full by then, so we decided to reward our tummies with some desserts. Ohhh. The guilty me. All the girls diet plan epic failed on that day because of all these attractive foodssss. :( 

I would say that this is the BEST FOOD I have tried on that day.
Ice cream from Cielo Dolci.
I had the 70% Belgian Chocolate and Sean had the Tau Fu Fa.
Yes you didn't hear me wrong, Tau Fu Fah ice cream!
 I also spotted other special flavours such as Nasi Lemak (I wonder does it tastes spicy?),
coconut gula melaka, Kedondong, salted caramel, etc.
I am a Tau Fu Fah fans and I totally fell in love with their ice cream!
Their 70% Belgian Chocolate was equally nice as well. HEAVENLY NICE.
But too bad we can only try once. :(
I googled for their outlets but I can't really find them.
Anyone has any idea where can I find Cielo Dolci outlets in KL?

N brew Nitrogen ice cream.
Wondering how to make ice cream with liquid nitrogen?

*One minute science class now*
Liquid nitrogen, which has a boiling point of -196C, is used for instantly freezing food and drinks, or creating an impressive cloud of vapour or fog when exposed to air. 
If liquid nitrogen is added to liquid such as an ice cream mixture, it cools the liquid rapidly while it boils away and produce a cloud of vapour. The rapid freezing produces an ice cream with particularly small ice crystals which has a very smooth texture.

This is the liquid nitrogen!
We were so impressed by the cloud of vapour produced that me and Sean quickly insta video it

Pretty puddings from Sweet Montage.

Crepe cake from Humble Beginnings.
The portion was a little bit small and I can't really remember how it tasted.
I probably still find the Nadeje crepe cake in Melaka the best. :D

Durian and original flavour puffs from Kee's Creampuffs.
This is definitely a YES for durian lover like me. Haha.
Our last stop was Crazy potato!
The queue was crazy as well that was why we leave it the last.
There were 3 different toppings and I chose the cheese one.
French fries French fries! *Omnomnom*

So happy that even there were lots of Nuffnangers on that day,
there were no pushing and cutting queue.
(Y) *Peace* (Y)

Because we love candid shots. Hee. 
I spotted the very famous My Burger Lab as well but we decided to give up on it because the queue was just. too. longgggg. The charm of the little black burger. There were just too many stalls and we didn't get to try all the stalls. What a pity. Partly because some of them were too kind and generous and they gave us a very big portion each. :O We felt so full that we decided to sit down and chill and listen to a talk on food bloggers' photography skills. Sean was so lucky that he was the first person to win a free book of food vouchers by giving an enthusiastic shout to the emcees! Woohoo! The food vouchers can probably last him for a year. :D
Sean interviewed by the two handsome emcees, Kevin and Matthew.

Another fun part of this event was that we get to bump into our friends! By scrolling through instagram, Sean realised that his high school besties - Ivan was also here at the NN Food Fest! Such a coincidence. :)

Sean and Ivan chit-chatting happily while enjoying the food.

Guess who I met? Tee Wilee - my high school senior!
It has been ages since I last saw her and she looks so gorgeous now. :)
Btw I look like a giant beside her LOL.

Special thanks to my company of the day - Sean!
Thank you for bringing me there :)
You can click here to visit his blog. Very worth-reading! :)

Because it was a last minute decision, I didn't insta their photo beforehand so I didn't get the limited edition badge and macaroons during registration. Aww. :( And also after the event I realised that they were giving out free power bank! Aikkss. Moral of the story - last minute won't do you any good. Lol.

This was actually my second time joining Nuffnang activity as I am still a newbies Nuffnanger. But I totally enjoyed myself on that day and I appreciate all the hard work put in by the Nuffnang committees to make this event a great success. Happy stomach, happy me. :D Thumbs up to Nuffnang! And thank you! *bows* Will definitely join awesome event like this again next time. :) How was your weekends readers? I hope you enjoyed yours too!

Love, Eunice.

Sunday, September 29, 2013






Saturday, September 28, 2013

Clinical Competency

I despise people who study medicine but think that following dress code is shit.

I started Clinical Competency in this new semester (Junior Cycle 3) and I would like to share with my readers things I have learnt from this module. As a medical student, we are expected to wear decent clothing when we attend our classes. Decent as in no skirts above knee level, no short pants, no open toes shoes, no bangles and watches, and for girls, hair exceed shoulder length must be tied neatly. Why must we do this? You think this is because the lecturers trying to create a fuss? Then you are totally wrong. We wear decent clothing because this is a safety precaution not only to ourselves and also our patients in the future. Doctors are at the highest potential risk for cross infection. Needle stick injuries are so common. How are you going to save someone else's life when you can't even protect yourself well. Imagine you wear open toes shoes and some chemicals just spill on your toes. Imagine you are having a consultation with your patient and while you are sitting down, crossing your legs and your sexy legs attract even more attention than your words. Imagine you are trying to auscultate your patient and your flying long hair is all over your patient's face. Dress codes are set for our convenience. Rules are there for a reason. And of course, when there are rules, they are meant to be followed.

Some private universities in Malaysia never had dress code, medical students just come with t-shirt, hot pants and flip flops. Yes, public universities in Malaysia have dress code, but sadly, it is due to religious reason. However, my university teaches me something. Something that other universities will never teach me - self discipline. Self discipline is so important not only in my future career, and also become a practice in my daily life. We are trained to abide to the dress code, to make us look professional when we start to serve the society, a respect to our profession and also to our patients, and most important of all, our attitudes. You can violate the rules when you graduate. Nobody is going to be there restrict what you want to wear. Attitude determines all. You want to wear mini skirts and shorts when you do medicine? Go away. You just humiliated this noble profession.

No offences.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Malaysians are disappointing.

Last Wednesday, I was waiting for KTM at KL Sentral. I was considered quite unlucky because by the time I bought my ticket, the last train just left. So I got no choice but to wait for the next train. So I was the first person queuing there. The next train took around 30 minutes to come, which made everyone starting to get very impatient. People queuing behind me started to mumble and complain. I was quite worried too because I actually needed to rush back to my university. Any delays can really make me late for classes.

So the train finally came. Many people wanted to go in/go out from the train at the same time. I believe I am a good citizen. Of course, I will have to wait at the side and allow people inside to come out from the train first. However, there were just too many people. People queuing behind me started to bypass me and entered the train first (Whatttt?) So the people inside the train were stuck and couldn't come out. And me, stood awkwardly there. Then there was this Malay guy inside the train, wanted to come out but couldn't, started to scold right in front of my face (as I was the only one standing outside the train waiting, everyone else busy squeezing into the train). ''You tak pernah belajar ke, orang keluar dulu baru masuk, tunggu sekejap pun tak boleh, sekolah tak ajar ibu bapa pun tak ajar.....''

Now tell me. What's wrong with this world? I got scolded even when I was the one who waited and gave way to the passengers. Yes, he wasn't talking about me, but the feeling of get lectured right in my face was just so awful. At the same time, I was reminded by my pleasant experience of taking Singapore's MRT. This is just too disappointing.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

A day worth celebrating :)

Had been constantly following one of my colleague's blog. I love his blog because he is a good story teller and I like the way he describes the little things happening in Perdana University. He records his medical school life by having a counting to every of his post e.g The Med School Report - Day 365. Yes, he just reminded me that we have come to the 365th day of our medical school lives. I remember someone once told me, what are you scare of? One year is so short if you count it by months. Yes, one year can be really short, because it is just 12 months. But one year can be long, because it is 31557600 seconds. So many things can happen in 31557600 seconds, be it ups or downs, but I believe no cloud is so dark that the sun can't shine through. There may be things that upset you but the sadness fades, eventually. First year just passed. And I am now embracing my second year, with greater aspirations. They say, if your dreams don't scare you, they are not big enough.

19th September is Perdana University's official Founder's Day. Thus, like my colleague, I would also like to wish my university a very Happy Birthday. I will continue to be proud of you and make you proud one day.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Eye Contact Attraction

You know at times, from someone's eyes you can read his/her mind. Mind-readers enter your mind through your eyes. Liars exposed themselves if they show rapid eye movements. Love at first sight means 8.2 seconds of eye contact. Let's do some eyes practice, too!

Learn to use your eyes to their full potential:
Make constant eye contact when in conversation. Looking away (especially down) is a sign of inferiority and uncertainty. Instead, look at your conversation partner dead in the eyes and keep them locked on.

Master the piercing stare. You know when someone looks at you and it feels like they can see into your soul? Well that’s not a hereditary characteristic, it just takes practice. Work on sharpening your gaze in the mirror. You’ll know you have it when it’s intimidating to continue looking at yourself.

The Trio

I miss the three of us. Like very, very much.
I hope the trio is still there.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Comfort Zone

Wanted to write something about the new chapter of my life but I realise they are a bit here and there and I don't know how to organise it into a story. So I think I would just highlight one of the epic story happened on me in this very first week of my new semester. The story is quite straight forward and simple la. Throw you a question here and you will get me: What would you do, if you shower halfway and suddenly no water?

This whole story begins when I moved into my new house. It is a town house and I am living in the upper unit. This resulting in my house having really POOR water pressure. That is why I didn't feel very weird when I shower halfway and the water started to become smaller and smaller. But not when the water stopped completely! I was like, ah crap. So I took all my toiletries and went to the other bathroom downstairs to continue to bathe. God knows how lucky I was. Once again, the water stopped! Hell no. I never thought this kind of thing can happen on me. My house mates were all upstairs. So I can only...shouted for help. House mates couldn't figure out why the water suddenly stopped too. So I was left naked in the bathroom with soaps on me somemore. I think I was already calm and steady enough because I didn't scream or did any other stupid things. Lol.

My house mates gave me 2 options, to either wrap myself in towel and go to guys' unit to continue my bath (NO NO this shouldn't even be an option), or they helped me to carry water to my bathroom. Although I very much didn't want to trouble my house mates, I chose the second option. Hence the whole story ended awkwardly. (It was found out later that our water pipe was closed by someone don't know accidentally or we actually had enemies and it was a prank. Lol.)

That is why sometimes I hate to change. To change, you must be ready to face all these kind of things which are totally out of your expectation. Yes, new house is comfy and big and near to university and good environment and no mosquitos and good food is just around me. But somehow I just miss my old place where I don't have to face water problem, everything is ready there, house mates are just studying beside you but not separated now by the tall wall,  and I even have a beautiful lake where I can jog whenever I want. Sometimes I really do wish I can stay in my comfort zone forever.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Crown me the queen of indecisiveness

Curiosity doesn't kill. Indecisive kills. I remember I have emphasised before that I hate people who can't make no matter big or small decisions in their lives. That is why sometimes I can be really mad at myself. To the extent that I hope I can give myself a slap or hang myself to death instead. I can die. I wasn't born with silver spoons or gold spoons or whatever spoon in my mouth. When I was young I have been taught by my family that every single cent must be spent wisely and we never splurge on buying branded stuffs. I wouldn't deny this part of me made me into who I am now, who is extremely indecisive when it comes to money.
Story begins. I needed to purchase something so these are the steps that I did.

1. I asked my friend who is familiar with this for recommendations of brands and shops. So he gave me a few recommendations which were having promotions.

2. Google-ed (yes Google is my best friend that I can't live without) the recommendation of my friend (no no I swear it was not because I don't trust my friend).

3. Went to the shop for the first time and confirmed everything that was shown on their websites are correct. Went back without purchasing.

4. Stared at the brochure at home for countless time and think and think and think. Went back to the websites to recheck the dateline of the promotion and think and think and think. Passed by the shop a few times and think and think and think.

5. Finally decided to purchase (on the last day of the promotion period somemore wth). Went to the shop  and asked again all the details. Don't know why started to consider again, although I came telling myself that I would purchase this today (I am serious!). Okay lah I would just buy. Told the salesperson that I wanted this package and gave my IC to him for final registration. While the salesperson was keying in my personal details, I wondered what struck me at that moment and I yelled: Stop! I decided not to purchase. Let me go home and consider about it. Got my IC back. Went home empty-handed.

Story ends. Someone please tell me what was wrong with me.

Extended version of the story:
6. Promotion period has over and I am now regretting for not purchasing it. FML.

Food for thought.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013



迈入三十了,一切可好?从二十多岁的小女孩蜕变成轻熟女了吗?我想,你应该正为工作而忙得不可开交吧。或许正在为政府作牛作马,或许开了自己的一家诊所?虽然其实自己最想开的是一家咖啡厅。那五年的学医生涯,再苦也是熬过了。你知道的。所以你不会去埋怨,因为你很清楚雨后的彩虹的道理。即使是天天的on call,我猜你一定也能在你的工作中找到乐趣。以你的个性,我想你一定正在怀念着读书的日子。多久没有约中学大学的同窗好友出来叙叙旧了?念旧的你,想念了,就拿起你的电话吧。





十年前的自己  上

Sunday, August 25, 2013

On Fire. On Fire. On Fire.


Sexy may not be what a man wants, but it must be what a man loves.
I may not own you, but I shall own your heart.

New template for my blog, time for a change babe.
I am no longer the innocent little girl. I will make you fall in love with me.











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