Monday, September 16, 2013

Eye Contact Attraction

You know at times, from someone's eyes you can read his/her mind. Mind-readers enter your mind through your eyes. Liars exposed themselves if they show rapid eye movements. Love at first sight means 8.2 seconds of eye contact. Let's do some eyes practice, too!

Learn to use your eyes to their full potential:
Make constant eye contact when in conversation. Looking away (especially down) is a sign of inferiority and uncertainty. Instead, look at your conversation partner dead in the eyes and keep them locked on.

Master the piercing stare. You know when someone looks at you and it feels like they can see into your soul? Well that’s not a hereditary characteristic, it just takes practice. Work on sharpening your gaze in the mirror. You’ll know you have it when it’s intimidating to continue looking at yourself.

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