Sunday, September 1, 2013

Crown me the queen of indecisiveness

Curiosity doesn't kill. Indecisive kills. I remember I have emphasised before that I hate people who can't make no matter big or small decisions in their lives. That is why sometimes I can be really mad at myself. To the extent that I hope I can give myself a slap or hang myself to death instead. I can die. I wasn't born with silver spoons or gold spoons or whatever spoon in my mouth. When I was young I have been taught by my family that every single cent must be spent wisely and we never splurge on buying branded stuffs. I wouldn't deny this part of me made me into who I am now, who is extremely indecisive when it comes to money.
Story begins. I needed to purchase something so these are the steps that I did.

1. I asked my friend who is familiar with this for recommendations of brands and shops. So he gave me a few recommendations which were having promotions.

2. Google-ed (yes Google is my best friend that I can't live without) the recommendation of my friend (no no I swear it was not because I don't trust my friend).

3. Went to the shop for the first time and confirmed everything that was shown on their websites are correct. Went back without purchasing.

4. Stared at the brochure at home for countless time and think and think and think. Went back to the websites to recheck the dateline of the promotion and think and think and think. Passed by the shop a few times and think and think and think.

5. Finally decided to purchase (on the last day of the promotion period somemore wth). Went to the shop  and asked again all the details. Don't know why started to consider again, although I came telling myself that I would purchase this today (I am serious!). Okay lah I would just buy. Told the salesperson that I wanted this package and gave my IC to him for final registration. While the salesperson was keying in my personal details, I wondered what struck me at that moment and I yelled: Stop! I decided not to purchase. Let me go home and consider about it. Got my IC back. Went home empty-handed.

Story ends. Someone please tell me what was wrong with me.

Extended version of the story:
6. Promotion period has over and I am now regretting for not purchasing it. FML.

Food for thought.


  1. I have the same problem, almost all points I encounter before too....especially the no.6... hahaha

    1. But I did purchase this thing already and I now regret like hell. :(


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