Saturday, September 28, 2013

Clinical Competency

I despise people who study medicine but think that following dress code is shit.

I started Clinical Competency in this new semester (Junior Cycle 3) and I would like to share with my readers things I have learnt from this module. As a medical student, we are expected to wear decent clothing when we attend our classes. Decent as in no skirts above knee level, no short pants, no open toes shoes, no bangles and watches, and for girls, hair exceed shoulder length must be tied neatly. Why must we do this? You think this is because the lecturers trying to create a fuss? Then you are totally wrong. We wear decent clothing because this is a safety precaution not only to ourselves and also our patients in the future. Doctors are at the highest potential risk for cross infection. Needle stick injuries are so common. How are you going to save someone else's life when you can't even protect yourself well. Imagine you wear open toes shoes and some chemicals just spill on your toes. Imagine you are having a consultation with your patient and while you are sitting down, crossing your legs and your sexy legs attract even more attention than your words. Imagine you are trying to auscultate your patient and your flying long hair is all over your patient's face. Dress codes are set for our convenience. Rules are there for a reason. And of course, when there are rules, they are meant to be followed.

Some private universities in Malaysia never had dress code, medical students just come with t-shirt, hot pants and flip flops. Yes, public universities in Malaysia have dress code, but sadly, it is due to religious reason. However, my university teaches me something. Something that other universities will never teach me - self discipline. Self discipline is so important not only in my future career, and also become a practice in my daily life. We are trained to abide to the dress code, to make us look professional when we start to serve the society, a respect to our profession and also to our patients, and most important of all, our attitudes. You can violate the rules when you graduate. Nobody is going to be there restrict what you want to wear. Attitude determines all. You want to wear mini skirts and shorts when you do medicine? Go away. You just humiliated this noble profession.

No offences.


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