Saturday, September 14, 2013

Comfort Zone

Wanted to write something about the new chapter of my life but I realise they are a bit here and there and I don't know how to organise it into a story. So I think I would just highlight one of the epic story happened on me in this very first week of my new semester. The story is quite straight forward and simple la. Throw you a question here and you will get me: What would you do, if you shower halfway and suddenly no water?

This whole story begins when I moved into my new house. It is a town house and I am living in the upper unit. This resulting in my house having really POOR water pressure. That is why I didn't feel very weird when I shower halfway and the water started to become smaller and smaller. But not when the water stopped completely! I was like, ah crap. So I took all my toiletries and went to the other bathroom downstairs to continue to bathe. God knows how lucky I was. Once again, the water stopped! Hell no. I never thought this kind of thing can happen on me. My house mates were all upstairs. So I can only...shouted for help. House mates couldn't figure out why the water suddenly stopped too. So I was left naked in the bathroom with soaps on me somemore. I think I was already calm and steady enough because I didn't scream or did any other stupid things. Lol.

My house mates gave me 2 options, to either wrap myself in towel and go to guys' unit to continue my bath (NO NO this shouldn't even be an option), or they helped me to carry water to my bathroom. Although I very much didn't want to trouble my house mates, I chose the second option. Hence the whole story ended awkwardly. (It was found out later that our water pipe was closed by someone don't know accidentally or we actually had enemies and it was a prank. Lol.)

That is why sometimes I hate to change. To change, you must be ready to face all these kind of things which are totally out of your expectation. Yes, new house is comfy and big and near to university and good environment and no mosquitos and good food is just around me. But somehow I just miss my old place where I don't have to face water problem, everything is ready there, house mates are just studying beside you but not separated now by the tall wall,  and I even have a beautiful lake where I can jog whenever I want. Sometimes I really do wish I can stay in my comfort zone forever.

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