Sunday, January 26, 2014

100 happy days challenge

I am taking part in a game called #100happydays on Instagram and basically it is about sharing what made you happy in 100 consecutive days. Somehow the moment I got to know about this, I knew this is what I need. But I really have no confidence that I can really be this determined to post photos everyday as I am not an active Instagrammer at the first place plus I don't take photos that often. But for now I shall just hold on to what made me joined this initially - to appreciate little things in our lives and be grateful about them. I see this as a challenge to myself. For now I thought by sharing it here, I can remember to post photos everyday because everyone knows it already so of course I must fulfill laaaa. Haha. :) It is like completing an assignment every day to me. Enjoying and loving it! Pray that I don't hangat-hangat tahi ayam la kay haha. You know, life has been treating me so good that I didn't have time to feel sad. Maybe the #100happydays do work I don't know.

Goodluck to myself! :)

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Life is good!

It is less than one week away from CNY 2014! Are you excited? :D As I mentioned earlier, I started my new semester on 13th of January and after only two weeks of studies, it is time for new year! I am totally in the mood for holidays already (which is not a good sign). Oopps.

Basically today I am going to share with you my short yet exciting two weeks. Did a lot of meaningful things like birthday celebration for the January babies, going to places that I had never been, trying new stuffs, treating myself to good food, etc.

First of all, had a pre-birthday celebration with Angie at the famous Dip n Dip!
We had heard many people recommending this place for their heavenly chocolate desserts hence we decided to have a sweet birthday surprise here. 
Happy turning 21, my dear!

Crepe with brownies, topped with 3 chocolate sauces.

Waffles topped with rich chocolate sauce.
Overall, I find the desserts a little bit too sweet and too pricey for me. Perhaps you can share a plate with your friends? :) Worth a try though. And because desserts once in a while doesn't harm, right? *wink*

Crazy birthday surprise for another January baby - Chin Wen Xin!
We literally turned his car into a wedding car by scribbling on it, pasting our whole class's wishes papers on it, tying ribbons and balloons. I was involved in this mission of decorating our Papa Chin's car and I must say it was so fun! And what made it totally worth it was the happy face on the birthday boy. (Y)

Went to a gym for the first time in my life with my housemates. Lol.
Enjoyed working out after all the food I had during all the celebrations.
Cause they said ''sweats are fats crying''.

Tried ice skating at Sunway Pyramid for the very first time!
Just look at how wet my trousers was and you know how many times I fell in the ice skating rink on that day. -.-
However, I totally love this new experience and in fact, I will definitely come back for second time!
I couldn't even ride a bicycle properly so before I entered the rink, I really doubted if I can ice skate.
So my doubts had been proven when I couldn't even stand properly at first! :( Okay la I know I super lousy. Used some time just to manage to stand, tried so hard to balance myself. And then with the help of my friend and her bf, I could finally walk and even glide a little bit!
Achievement unlocked! :D

What made the day special was that I got to meet up with my matriks best friend, Xue Ni!
We wanted to meet each other for so long and I missed her so much!
I just couldn't hide how happy I was to see her, I was smiling unconsciously for the whole day. Haha.
Meeting her after two years and hopefully the next time will come very soon.
Love youuuuuu :)

The sweet couple. <3 p="">
A big THANK YOU to her bf for being the driver of the day, fetching us around. :)

Till then, life is good, isn't it? Ah I feel so blessed. :)

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The red hair me

Left: After
Right: Before

Today is only the 8th day of 2014 and I have already fulfilled the 10th wish on my wish list for 2014 - to dye my hair! As the picture above (right) shows, the colour of the bottom part of my hair turned yellow ever since I permed my hair in April 2013. So this time I dyed into a reddish brown (left). But maybe the next time I must try out a lighter red because the red now is only visible under sunlight. What do you think? :)

I am going back to uni next week with this new red hair. Red brings luck? Hehe we will see.
Enjoy your day! :)

Monday, January 6, 2014

Play well in my drama

If we were to depict life as a drama, we must make sure we are good actors. It is never easy to act. Because life is a drama where there is no take two.

Sometimes, we forget that we have to play different roles at different points of time. For example, when you are at home, you are expected to play the role of a good daughter. When you are with your friends, you need to play the role of a good listener, a friend that can be trusted. When you are attending a lecture, you immediately have to switch your role to an obedient student. It can be confusing at times, especially when the roles overlap, and how you balance between the roles. That is how we mess things up, issues like boyfriend accusing you of ignoring him when you are actually spending time with your girlfriends arise.

Sometimes, we weigh ourselves too much or too little in the drama. You thought you are a small character in someone's life, but actually you mean the whole world to that person. Or, you thought that without you, someone's drama will not be complete, which actually is wrong.

Life is complicated. Always remember who we are with, where we are, what we are expected to do and what we are expected not. Play your drama well. Don't play the wrong roles.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Reflections vs Resolutions

Today is the 2nd day of 2014! I remember that I wanted to have a last post for 2013 on the 31st December, or maybe the first post in 2014 on the 1st of January. However, I failed to do so on both dates! Okay lah I wasn't really busy on those 2 days to be honest. I didn't go to any crazy countdown parties. So...I don't know how to find a reason to defend myself though, but hey! This post on the 2nd day of 2014, is still my very first post in 2014! Ain't that bad after all, yeah? :D

So, everyone did their mandatory 2013 reflections and 2014 resolutions. I guess I should do mine too? Haha conformity yeah. I didn't have a checklist for 2013 that I can tick off one by one what I have achieved, what I didn't. So I will create one this year!

1. More Than Words


Yes. The first thing I would like to talk about is blogging. I started my blog ''More Than Words'' since 2010. Initially, I started it because many of my friends blogged at that time. And I enjoyed reading their blogs. I am envious of them for having their own spaces to pour out their feelings and emotions. However as years passed, blogging is no longer a trend. Many of my friends don't blog anymore. But still, I stick to this old habit as I really love how words can define myself better. I am not a talkative girl and nor I am sociable. This, is a really a space I find myself to be really free from anything else from the world. It is more private compared to other social network sites such as Facebook or Instagram. And also I thought writing more can improve my English proficiency (not sure whether it really helps?). Although I don't update that often, but I thank you for still reading and supporting my blog! :D It may not be that informative or that mind-provoking as the others. But surely I put in efforts in every post, hoping that my readers will like them. :) Do you?

I always hope I can achieve something different by blogging. I read an article of a famous blogger Four Feet Nine recently. She says to make your readers love your blog, you don't blog about negative things. You don't rant about life. Of course, my motive is not making ''More Than Words'' famous. All I wish is that my words can leave an impact on my readers' hearts. I hope my words inspire my readers. I hope my blog is no longer my emotion dustbin. And! I hope to join more blogger events this year. I had been a Nuffnanger for years, but I seldom join any of their events, mainly because of my hectic time table that can never fit in any of their events, or I have trouble with transportation, or I lack of a companion. A person who likes to join events as much as I do. In 2013, I joined Nuffnang Food Fest which really opened my eyes to blogger events. I sincerely hope that I get chances to join more events and meet more bloggers in 2014! :)

2. Medical School Life


I am officially going to step into my Intermediate Cycle in 2014! I have heard so many scary stories from the seniors about Intermediate Cycle. I pray that mine will turn out better. At least not that bad as they said. I ended my Junior Cycle 3 and now I am still waiting for the results for it. I knew that I screwed up some parts of my exam, but I pray that it doesn't affect much. *fingers crossed* Besides, I want to emphasise on how grateful I am to be enrolled into Perdana University. I know I have been talking about this all over again (like an old woman haha), all because I remember how much I prayed to God to have the chance to be in Perdana University. And God granted my wish, which I am always thankful for. 

Speaking about results, I have received many comments from my friends in 2013 that I am taking this whole thing too serious. They said that I care too much about results and I give myself a lot of pressure. I have to admit that what they said is true. Ever since primary school, I am very concern about my academic performances. Maybe this is good in some ways (at least my parents once told me that they are so proud of me because I am so independent that I study without them having to urge me to study or send me to tuitions etc). And, certain amount of pressure is good for motivation! I think what I can do in 2014 is to continue to study in the way I do now, but maybe not to the extent that my study pressure will affect the people around me. Also, I am constantly having the thoughts that I am totally on a wrong path. At times, I really have doubts. Is being a doctor really my interest? Am I cut out to be a good doctor? The more and more I am near to my dream, I become more and more unsure. Perhaps what I need is a strong voice in me to continue telling me that I can do this, when I am at the edge of breaking down.

3. Relationships


I am always bad in this section. Bad in expressing myself, bad in expressing love, bad in keeping people who I love, bad in loving people. I lose contact with my primary school friends. I wanted to meet my matric friends so badly and arranged so many meet ups that ended up fail. None of the girls in my university are in the same wavelength as mine. I am still close to my secondary school besties, which is the only thing that I am feeling grateful. And also in 2013, I lose someone who loves me. No matter how much I am willing to love again, there is no more turning back. All in all, I am not greedy neither am I picky. I just miss knowing there is someone out there who I can rely on. I miss being someone's princess.

In 2014, I need to love better. I want to love my family more. Be a more filial daughter, a more sensible sister, a more reliable friend, a more responsible girlfriend (if I ever had the chance), and a better person in general. They say to love better, you need to love yourself more. Haha okay I will try to do so and appreciate myself before I seek appreciation from the others! I shall keep those negative feelings away and be positive. Positive, positive, positive. I think I have did a good job in 2013. Perhaps I can do better! I will learn to see the beauty in people around me, and appreciate them.

4. My religion


Oh, I am actually a free thinker. :) I am open minded in terms of religions. I offer joss sticks together with my family only during special occasions like CNY. I wouldn't claim myself as a Christian as I wasn't born in a Christian family and I really lack exposure to Christianity. However, when coming to Perdana, a lot of friends around me are Christians. They always invite me to different kind of events even if I have rejected them once or twice. They never forced me to baptize. One thing I love about them is that they never stop at spreading love to people around them. They had this Love Project where they distributed free lunch to all the students in Perdana University. They also gave out gifts for everyone. They never asked for any repays. Another thing I love is their events. I love going to Christmas production in church every year. I love their band.

I cannot assure that I am going to be faithful to any religions in 2014. What I want to say is having the belief that there is someone out there who is there for you and have the power to bring you though all the hardships is a very good feeling. I know I can trust in Him. I want to be more mature, to have less hatred towards people, because through Him, I know everything happens for a reason. And I thank God for that.

5. Keep fit!


Haha you didn't hear me wrong! In 2013, I kept on finding excuses for myself that I got no time for exercises. C'mon, medical students ain't got time for exercises! I don't even have enough time to study. I had been having the thought that every second not with my books are time wasted. Lol. But soon I realise I was so wrong because exercises really doesn't take much time! Going for a jog only takes you 30 minutes. Doing 60 sit ups only takes you 10 minutes. So no more excuses! And also I read some blog posts about work outs in gym and the results really impressed me! Not that I think I can achieve that sexy abs but women who sweat (or maybe men, too!) are extremely sexy, agree? ;) They actually say, sweats are fats crying!

In 2014, I want to go to gym and burn up all my fats to have a better figure, and hopefully, also better health. :) I am treating this really serious and I hope I have that determination to continue!

6. Travel overseas
7. Learn a new musical instrument
8. Go for my first hospital attachment
9. Have more money - shop for more clothes - dress up!
10. Dye my hair

Here are my 10 new year resolutions! What about yours? Let's look forward to another fabulous year and of course, you need to work hard to have one! All the best people! :) xoxo

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