Sunday, January 26, 2014

100 happy days challenge

I am taking part in a game called #100happydays on Instagram and basically it is about sharing what made you happy in 100 consecutive days. Somehow the moment I got to know about this, I knew this is what I need. But I really have no confidence that I can really be this determined to post photos everyday as I am not an active Instagrammer at the first place plus I don't take photos that often. But for now I shall just hold on to what made me joined this initially - to appreciate little things in our lives and be grateful about them. I see this as a challenge to myself. For now I thought by sharing it here, I can remember to post photos everyday because everyone knows it already so of course I must fulfill laaaa. Haha. :) It is like completing an assignment every day to me. Enjoying and loving it! Pray that I don't hangat-hangat tahi ayam la kay haha. You know, life has been treating me so good that I didn't have time to feel sad. Maybe the #100happydays do work I don't know.

Goodluck to myself! :)

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