Saturday, January 25, 2014

Life is good!

It is less than one week away from CNY 2014! Are you excited? :D As I mentioned earlier, I started my new semester on 13th of January and after only two weeks of studies, it is time for new year! I am totally in the mood for holidays already (which is not a good sign). Oopps.

Basically today I am going to share with you my short yet exciting two weeks. Did a lot of meaningful things like birthday celebration for the January babies, going to places that I had never been, trying new stuffs, treating myself to good food, etc.

First of all, had a pre-birthday celebration with Angie at the famous Dip n Dip!
We had heard many people recommending this place for their heavenly chocolate desserts hence we decided to have a sweet birthday surprise here. 
Happy turning 21, my dear!

Crepe with brownies, topped with 3 chocolate sauces.

Waffles topped with rich chocolate sauce.
Overall, I find the desserts a little bit too sweet and too pricey for me. Perhaps you can share a plate with your friends? :) Worth a try though. And because desserts once in a while doesn't harm, right? *wink*

Crazy birthday surprise for another January baby - Chin Wen Xin!
We literally turned his car into a wedding car by scribbling on it, pasting our whole class's wishes papers on it, tying ribbons and balloons. I was involved in this mission of decorating our Papa Chin's car and I must say it was so fun! And what made it totally worth it was the happy face on the birthday boy. (Y)

Went to a gym for the first time in my life with my housemates. Lol.
Enjoyed working out after all the food I had during all the celebrations.
Cause they said ''sweats are fats crying''.

Tried ice skating at Sunway Pyramid for the very first time!
Just look at how wet my trousers was and you know how many times I fell in the ice skating rink on that day. -.-
However, I totally love this new experience and in fact, I will definitely come back for second time!
I couldn't even ride a bicycle properly so before I entered the rink, I really doubted if I can ice skate.
So my doubts had been proven when I couldn't even stand properly at first! :( Okay la I know I super lousy. Used some time just to manage to stand, tried so hard to balance myself. And then with the help of my friend and her bf, I could finally walk and even glide a little bit!
Achievement unlocked! :D

What made the day special was that I got to meet up with my matriks best friend, Xue Ni!
We wanted to meet each other for so long and I missed her so much!
I just couldn't hide how happy I was to see her, I was smiling unconsciously for the whole day. Haha.
Meeting her after two years and hopefully the next time will come very soon.
Love youuuuuu :)

The sweet couple. <3 p="">
A big THANK YOU to her bf for being the driver of the day, fetching us around. :)

Till then, life is good, isn't it? Ah I feel so blessed. :)

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