Sunday, April 28, 2013

Will you be there to catch me when I fall?


I wanted to say I had a great Saturday afternoon.
But my day ended in a very pathetic way.
Due to the broke down of KTM which wasted my one hour plus in waiting for it, I know I need to catch this KLIA transit train. I don't want to go back too late. So I frantically bought the ticket, it already says 3 minutes left for the next train. I was too nervous. So I ran all the way after I bought the ticket. Saw the escalator in front of me not functioning. Ahh well. By that time it was already 1 minute left. I decided to run up the escalator to reach the other side which is my boarding area. Just when I stepped on the not-moving escalator, the escalator started to move. Which literally throws me forward. Banggg. Had a great fell.
I cannot remember when was the last time I fell and injured myself. It was like what happened to me when I was still a kid. I still remember I cried every time before this, but not this time. Not pain, not pain, not pain at all. I tell myself. Big girls don't cry. In fact, I feel heartache for my new pink pants more. I just created a lubang at the knee area. New pants! :(
I can't help to think of you when I feel pain and helpless. 
Sometimes, what I yearn for is your protection.
Will you be there?

Friday, April 26, 2013

No, never an option!

All of a sudden, I become an option in your life.
You come when you wish to. You leave when you are bored.
Yes, you might think this is cool. Acting in the way that you like. Regardless of what people say, regardless of what people think. Self interest? Selfish? Self-centered? What are you.
I cannot accept. For I never treat you as an option.
Never allow myself to be a passerby of your life.
Be one and only.
I will make sure my presence or my absence mean something to you.

Another A for Anatomy Cardsigning for this semester.
But sadly, I realise that no one is going to feel happy for me.
Perhaps in this place, this is what to be expected.

Right from the start, you were a thief.
Just give me a reason, just a little bit enough.

Beautiful combination of voices. I know you are going to love it. Enjoy. :)

Sunday, April 14, 2013


My dearest Malaysia is facing the probably hardest decision to make in her 56 years of life. It is about time to determine the fate of the country and the fate of millions of people living in the country. When the day is approaching, more and more ridiculous things happened to attract our attention. Why la. Why so desperate. Don't you know that good things come when they are least expected?

*To change or not to change?

I feel very good of myself! I think I put in as much possible hard work as I can in my second semester of my medical years. I don't feel bad anymore if I am going to get good results again like last semester. I will no longer say that it is because I am lucky. I will tell you because I work hard for this. :) However, I constantly remind myself that I am not yet a 'somebody'. I am just a 'nobody'. I have greater aspirations ahead of me, excellent colleagues who challenge me to become better and better every day, so I must never stop my pace.

* Because the moment I started, I know there's no turning back.

My special friend is leading a good life in another world now. We are both studying medicine but we are in different world. It is totally different. I feel so happy for her because I know her life is good. Her life is exciting, full of colours, doing things she likes. She is in a place where she can express her talents, shine bright. I am doing fine here, too. Without those chances like her to perform on big stage, I enjoy my easy, simple, yet contenting life right now. So I guess God really did a good placement.

* Ahh, distance makes things beautiful. :)


* 谢谢你,天蠍。

I miss you.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Bon Voyage, Ms Ann.

We seldom appreciate people only when they are going to leave us. 
Ms Ann McGreevy was Perdana University's Student Support and she was our Mama.
She is only here in Malaysia for around one year, but she is never a passerby. She has left footprints in our hearts. I do not know about the others, but I personally feel sad of her leaving. So I used my usual way of showing how a person is important to me : by making her card.
I will remember the first time I approached her, how she approved my exemption of classes because I had to go back for my dental appointment, she approved it in such an understanding way that I don't feel bad anymore after that. How she gave me encouragement during English Classes, said I did very well in my essays, gave positive comments for my Complimentary Skills presentation in front of the class. Every nice movie she has shown us, every meaningful video clips, articles and etc. 
I guess the best way to end this post is to introduce you to a poem of the movie Invictus.
One of the movie Ms Ann shown us during Medical Humanities Class.

It is the last two lines that move me.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013





Wednesday, April 3, 2013

It is her birthday.

If you don't know this girl, oh, you must know.
She is Ong Li Yin. The strongest and most complicated woman I have ever seen.
She is a typical perfectionist, who will always give her 100 percent in everything she does.
She is a warm lady, who continuously showers her loved ones with love and care.
She is a good story teller, whenever she speaks, I am willing to listen to her for a life time.
She is a symbol of bravery, who doesn't afraid of her decisions made, because she knows herself better than no one else.
She is a hot lady on fire, she loves heels and bikini and tattoo.
She is a combination of all the good qualities of man and woman, tough and strong, sexy and pretty. Decisive and confident, caring and mature.
She is one of a kind, unique, genuine, fits into no stereo type.

Because this girl is going to be with me when I graduate, when I get married, when I have my kids, when I get old. So you must know her.
Happy Birthday Ong Li Yin.
Cheer to 8 years of friendship, more to go.


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