Sunday, April 28, 2013

Will you be there to catch me when I fall?


I wanted to say I had a great Saturday afternoon.
But my day ended in a very pathetic way.
Due to the broke down of KTM which wasted my one hour plus in waiting for it, I know I need to catch this KLIA transit train. I don't want to go back too late. So I frantically bought the ticket, it already says 3 minutes left for the next train. I was too nervous. So I ran all the way after I bought the ticket. Saw the escalator in front of me not functioning. Ahh well. By that time it was already 1 minute left. I decided to run up the escalator to reach the other side which is my boarding area. Just when I stepped on the not-moving escalator, the escalator started to move. Which literally throws me forward. Banggg. Had a great fell.
I cannot remember when was the last time I fell and injured myself. It was like what happened to me when I was still a kid. I still remember I cried every time before this, but not this time. Not pain, not pain, not pain at all. I tell myself. Big girls don't cry. In fact, I feel heartache for my new pink pants more. I just created a lubang at the knee area. New pants! :(
I can't help to think of you when I feel pain and helpless. 
Sometimes, what I yearn for is your protection.
Will you be there?

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