Wednesday, April 3, 2013

It is her birthday.

If you don't know this girl, oh, you must know.
She is Ong Li Yin. The strongest and most complicated woman I have ever seen.
She is a typical perfectionist, who will always give her 100 percent in everything she does.
She is a warm lady, who continuously showers her loved ones with love and care.
She is a good story teller, whenever she speaks, I am willing to listen to her for a life time.
She is a symbol of bravery, who doesn't afraid of her decisions made, because she knows herself better than no one else.
She is a hot lady on fire, she loves heels and bikini and tattoo.
She is a combination of all the good qualities of man and woman, tough and strong, sexy and pretty. Decisive and confident, caring and mature.
She is one of a kind, unique, genuine, fits into no stereo type.

Because this girl is going to be with me when I graduate, when I get married, when I have my kids, when I get old. So you must know her.
Happy Birthday Ong Li Yin.
Cheer to 8 years of friendship, more to go.


1 comment :

    I'm laughing non-stop when I read this!
    Thank you :-*


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