Sunday, December 26, 2010


I had never been so busy before.
Have u ever tried filling every hours, every minutes and even every single seconds in a day?
Keeping myself busy gave me a sense of satisfaction.
The greatest feeling for miss perfectionist :)

I found out that i love countdown! especially with the guys and my dearest ongliyin and baizuer.
I love to be busy at all times! I enjoy promoting olive oil already. Even though u dont want to buy. I dont even mind repeating the same lines again and again. Working train your patience! And my patience has been proved :D
I love baking garlic bread! I am addicted to it although i hate GARLIC at first.
And of course my family. They gave me the warmth feeling today which is so rare :)
Everything was so perfect. Thanks again to everyone that makes my birthday perfect.
God will bless everyone on this special day :)
God never been biased. He will blessed you and me and everyone :)

Do drop by and buy my olive oil if your mummy always use it to cook alright?
Find me at jusco supermarket tomorrow. hehe. Look out for the green green trolley :)
And i will treat you the best garlic bread in the world ;)
Sheng yi nan zuo arrrr. Mr Lee Jian Wei will understand this the best. hahaha.

Miss perfectionist is really gonna miss 25.12.2010.
Good night people :)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Thank You

Today was a great day :D
A big THANK YOU to my dearest darlingsss.
My source of happiness :)
Friends forever please. muackz :)

                               And we met dear ka men dong, jiayi, chaiteng and jiewen! :)

I had a looong time never receive surprise.
And i received one yesterday. haha :P
Thanks to the santa clause!
I appreciate that :)

All i could say is thank you!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010





“ 倾听你的心吧。”
“ 因为你的心在哪里,爱就在哪里。”

“ 这是当然的啊,每个人的心也会有迷惘的时候。”
” 你无法假装听不到。”
“ 是的。”

“ 害怕比起伤害更糟糕呢。孩子,你在害怕什么?”
“ 因为你在让你的心受苦呀。心不喜欢受苦,它抗议了。孩子,你为什么要背叛你的心,对它说谎呢?”


Monday, December 20, 2010


Ohh man. I bui tahan already.
Why should i care so much?
Stupid me. Finding trouble for myself. I can easily wash my hands off this.
If want then please come. If no go far far away.
Don't ever let me see your face.
You can be childish but if one day you were me,
you will suffer and you will know.
Wait and see.


So what is the feeling of lying to yourself?
Dont't think you are the only victim.
I feel even terrible than you.
Go away if you never understand me.

Listen to hebe's song if you feel like crying.
Her song cured me.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Sweet girl

okay okay see i suceessfully uploaded my first photo :)
sorry that the image is blurrr. my phone problem.
but look isn't she cute?
Bernice her name is :)
my biao jie's daughter came to my house yesterday.
She wanna teach me ABC.
She is not ordinary 3-year-old child who cry always.
She is obedient. Just the type i like :)
I teached her drawing. I gave her colour pencil.
But she pointed at my water colour and said she wants that. HAHA.
I actually enjoyed my time with this sweet girl. But she's going back tonight :(
Aww. I bet she will be a pretty girl when she grows up.
Thank you Bernice for giving me a great day!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Hello :)

Hello hello :)
Eunice here. Aih why i started a blog?
I am an totally idiot in using computer. I don't upload photos.
My blog is not going to be a nice one.
Okay okay i am learning.
Remember i am new to this! haha.
But let's see how long i can manage this. Hmm.
I just wanted to try this. :)

SPM finished.
I tried my best. And God knows that. He knows what i want. I told Him. :)
I need people's help always. And now i leave my future to Him. I need His help.
Somebody told me that if you believe in God, trust in Him. And He will grant your wish.
I believe in this.
And I already had plan in my head for this endless holiday!
I am gonna work soon :) Wish me luck!

Aih I'm just too bored. The girl who i wish to talk to the most had gone for her trip.
Ohh please come back soon :( I want to talk to her so much.
But i guess i made the right decision for not going.
Well have a nice journey and take care!

That's it for my first one. A nice try :)
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