Friday, December 17, 2010

Hello :)

Hello hello :)
Eunice here. Aih why i started a blog?
I am an totally idiot in using computer. I don't upload photos.
My blog is not going to be a nice one.
Okay okay i am learning.
Remember i am new to this! haha.
But let's see how long i can manage this. Hmm.
I just wanted to try this. :)

SPM finished.
I tried my best. And God knows that. He knows what i want. I told Him. :)
I need people's help always. And now i leave my future to Him. I need His help.
Somebody told me that if you believe in God, trust in Him. And He will grant your wish.
I believe in this.
And I already had plan in my head for this endless holiday!
I am gonna work soon :) Wish me luck!

Aih I'm just too bored. The girl who i wish to talk to the most had gone for her trip.
Ohh please come back soon :( I want to talk to her so much.
But i guess i made the right decision for not going.
Well have a nice journey and take care!

That's it for my first one. A nice try :)


  1. hello chloe :) i just started this dont laugh at me ah. Lol. how to put a cbox? teach me teach me :D

  2. i won't laugh la i'm not so bad... go, register, copy d code into a html box in your sidebar then can le :D


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