Monday, March 31, 2014

[BEAUTY REVIEW] L'OREAL Paris Curl Power Shine Curls Mousse

One of the common problem that stops girls from perming their hair is that they will lose texture after a period of time. The same problem happens on me! I have natural long straight hair but I permed it in April last year. The curls looked good in the first few months. However, it started to become out of shape recently! But fret not, girls! I am going to introduce a good hair mousse that is going to solve our problems. The L'OREAL Paris Curl Power Shine Curls Mousse.

You can get them at Watson or Guardian at the price of approximately RM28.50 (price may vary at different stores). The Curl Power Shine Curls Mousse was specially created to give definition and brilliant watery shine to lifeless curls. Its formula protects your curls from day to day effects of the weather for a 24 hour anti-frizz action. There are stylist's advice at the back of the bottle so don't worry if you never tried this product before!

1. Ensure that your hair is wet, but at the degree of towel-dried. If it happened to be the day after your shampoo, you are encouraged to re-dampen your hair. This is because the product works best when the hair is let to air-dry afterwards. I would suggest applying some hair serum prior to application of mousse to smooth out your hair yo. :)

My hair before applying the mousse. It fell flat and boring without defined curls.
No curls no volume :(

2. The mousse comes in a handy can which has to be shaken every time before use. Keep the can upside down to collect the expanded mousse. When the nozzel is pressed mousse squirts out. It doesn’t have any super strong fragrance which I absolutely love!

Be careful not to press too hard to avoid wastage. Only very little product is required to style the hair! (That is why a bottle of 200ml on regular usage can actually last me for nearly a year! Wow) Excess of product makes your hair stiff. It has happened to me quite a few times, but I believe you will know the amount you need after a few trials! :)

I normally use twice of this amount as I have long hair up to waist.
It disappears after application and does not feel sticky one bit!

3. Here you go! Start spreading the mousse the whole length of hair, scrunching your hair and lifting your curls with your whole hand, through the hair!

I separate my hair into two halves for more even spreading of the mousse.

Scrunch as you go, focusing more on the tips of your hair!

For even more defined curls, sculpt by wrapping curls around your index finger.
It is easy, isn't it? :D

4. Then all you have to do is to wait for your hair to dry! They recommend us to dry with a diffuser to attain more volume and definition, but normally I just wait for it to air-dry. Wondering how's the result? ;)

You can easily spot the difference between two strands of my hair.
It adds extra body and bounce to permed hair and definitely enhances my curls!

1. Enhances the curls and keeps them silky to the touch for almost the entire day!
2. No strong fragrance.
3. Not sticky.
4. Lasts long with regular usage. (approximately a year)
5. Decently priced for the quantity and quality.
6. Easy and fast to use. I always use it early in the morning before I off to uni. Even if I am in a rush, I can get my hair done in just 10 minutes!

1. If you have thin hair, it will weigh your curls down.
2. Excess amount of mousse make your hair looks stiff.
3. Tend to squeeze out more than you actually need.

Of course, there are better hair products in the market which can provide even defined and long-lasting curls. However, I would still recommend L'OREAL Paris Curl Power Shine Curls Mousse for people who wants to get those perfect curls without spending much. :)

I am happy and ready to go for uni now!

Have a good day!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

[FOOD REVIEW] Elizabeth Fine Dine @ Grand Shanghai Food Theme Park

Have you ever dreamt of experiencing how Queen Elizabeth dines and what the Queen eats? At Elizabeth Dining, we can dine like the royalties!

Elizabeth Dining could be the closest thing to a fine-dining restaurant in Puchong. The interior decoration boast a Victorian era theme with bright chandeliers, hand painted cutleries and lush upholster furnitures. However, the food prices are kept to a very affordable level for a fine-dine which aims to cater to a larger group of audience.

My friends and I came at around 7pm and the restaurant was still empty at that moment. But even when it reached peak dinner hour the whole restaurant was not packed at all. This is one of the reason I love this restaurant because your conversation with your close friends will not be disturbed and you can even enjoy the peaceful music played by them. 

The waitress approached us and arranged a seat for 3 of us immediately. We were served with water and napkin and she introduced the menu to us in a very polite way. We were told that they are going to have a new menu very soon as the management is in the midst of transitioning the outlet into a more mid-class restaurant, so stay tuned! 

What a perfect date it would be to bring your another half here!

Love their cutleries! Don't you?

Beautiful vintage wall paper with rose petals at the side,
showing how thoughtful the management at preparing little surprise for us.

Paintings of the mid 30's

It took only a short while for the food to be served. Meanwhile we enjoyed admiring and taking pictures of the beautiful decorations around us!

Girls, you know you shouldn't miss the chance to take photos here! ;)

The first dish for the night was the Caesar Salad (RM15). 

As an appetizer, it comes in a very generous portion so 3 of us shared it.  It is an all time favourite for European salad serves with fresh romaine salad, poached egg, parmesan cheese, Cesar dressing, bread crisp and European herbed chicken slices. 

I love how the cheese compliment well with the salad!

Next, we had the mushroom soup (RM15)

It has a thick creamy texture and not too salty for me. The inclusion of crusty bread crumbs was a nice touch that complimented the hearty soup.

Our main course of the night - Fresh from the sea Fish of the Day with Spicy Orange Salsa Sauce (RM26)

Fyi, this main course comes together as a set dinner with the caesar salad and the mushroom soup above at the price of RM48. The Fish of the Day was salmon! Yumyumm, my favourite. The chef was creative enough to choose to blend real oranges with fresh orange juice for the sauce to accompany the pan-fried salmon. The result was an uncanny mix of the mild fish flavour with sweet and sour tangy sauce. The sauce was the BOMB for this dish! I never thought that the combination of orange and salmon can taste so good. It simply took my breath away.

Spaghetti Seafood Carbonara (RM33)

It is a famous Italian creamy seafood cuisine with clams, prawns, mussels and squids. The prawns were super fresh and we just couldn't get bored with the creamy carbonara sauce. We normally get bored with white carbonara sauce easily and most of the time, we couldn't finish the whole plate of carbonara spaghetti. But definitely not for this one! You will fall in love for it at first taste. Three of us agreed that this dish was the BEST of the night. (Y)

With the chef's own created recipe, the All Time Favourite Chicken Chop (RM18) turned out to be pretty normal to us on that night. Probably the other 2 main courses stole the limelight from it. Haha. However, I love the potato wedges as I am a potato-lover!

What's a meal without a sweet dessert to end? :D The waitress were very observant and thoughtful as they served our dessert on time when we finished the main courses. We ordered Red Velvet Cake (RM12). I love the way they sprinkled the chocolate around it. But the taste of the cake wasn't up to our expectation, or maybe because three of us were very full already by then.

After your meal, you can take a stroll at the Grand Shanghai Theme Park. Nowadays, Setiawalk mall becomes one of the hot places in Klang Valley, especially following the opening of this Grand Shanghai Food Theme Park. It is a must-go for people who are keen to journey back to the mid 30′s street of Shanghai. It is a place filled with antique cars, trishaws, old wooden benches and Chinese music from the bygone years. A perfect spot for people who love photography!

So many red lanterns!

Even children couldn't resist to take a picture in front of the antique car!

The prices are affordable to us because we purchased vouchers from Living Social which entitled us a 40% discount off the bill! What a great deal. You can click here to find out more! :) 

Overall, the great ambiance at Elizabeth Dining certainly is the greatest attraction and will please those who are seeking to enjoy western fares with a classy setting. We were pleased with the service and had a great night. I will definitely visit this restaurant again very soon to share my discovery with my friends! What about you? :)

My ratings:
Food: 4/5
Service: 5/5
Cleanliness: 4/5
Ambiance: 5/5
Price: 3/5

Elizabeth Dining
Unit 2 to 6, Level 4, Setia-Walk Mall
Pusat Bandar Puchong
47160 Puchong
Selangor Darul Ehsan

Gentle reminder: Park in the basement at Zone E and take the elevator up! :)

Business Hours: 11:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m. (daily)
Tel: 03-5879 1077

Hope you enjoy the read! :)

Monday, March 24, 2014

The Havaianas Summer Kit!

It is summer time again! Have you think of places to getaway this year? 

You’re going to need these!

And by ‘these’, I mean an awesome pair of flip flops with a pin-up girl illustration and a matching towel, because that’s exactly what's in Havaianas Collectible Summer Kit! Yup, everyone’s favourite go-to holiday footwear just got trendier and it all thanks to world-renowned American illustrator Gil Elvgren (March 15, 1914-February 29, 1980).

The artist was well-known for his pin-up paintings, with some of them being for huge clients such as Brown & Bigelow, Coca-Cola, General Electric and Sealy Mattress Company. During his active years from the 1930s to 1970s, he illustrated stories for a host of magazines, such as The Saturday Evening Post and Good Housekeeping. Simply put, Gil Elvgren's work was a huge commercial success.

But it’s not difficult to figure out why his pin-up paintings attracted so many fans. The women he painted were not the femme fatale, the female adventuress, or worst, somebody’s mistress. They were the girls-next-door whose charms were innocently revealed in that fleeting instant when she was caught unaware. But aren't people most beautiful when they are not trying to be? :D

The Cinderella Project - If the Havaianas fit

It must be every girl dreams to own that pretty pair of flip flops! So I am gonna share with you 3 reasons why I would love to have it!

1. Malaysia is too HOT to not wearing a pair of flip flops! Probably due to global warming and also more and more hot guys and girls out there (oopps), you just can't stand wearing covered toes shoes when you go shopping or hanging around. The pretty Havaianas flip flops will surely become the new trend in Malaysia!

2. Don't you just love the vintage feeling of the drawings on the flip flops? Whats more it is limited edition with matching towel! It is not the normal pair of flip flops you get in shopping malls or pasar malam. It looks chic and fashionable with any outfits!

3. My last reason is lame la cause I wanna be the Cinderella who can fit in the shoes and go on a date with my Prince Charming. (although it is no where to be seen :p)

Oh, I heard that the biggest size available is Size 12 so Size 12  it is. :) Imma big foot Cinderella!


Let's get your sunblock, sunglasses and flip flops ready for this summer with Havaianas!


Nuffnang Is 007 - The Birthday Bash!

Hello readers! Did you enjoy your weekend? I am very excited today as I am going to blog about my awesome Saturday night well spent at Nuffnang 7th birthday party! #NuffnangIs007! Happy Birthday Nuffnang! :D This is actually my first time winning a pair of invites to Nuffnang event and I was really excited when I received the invitation! Such an honour to celebrate this wonderful moment with Nuffnang. So I quickly invited my best friend Joe Yee to join me on that night.

In conjunction with the 7th anniversary, the theme this year was #NuffnangIs007 with the mysterious dress code James Bond: Lost in Amazon. Nuffnang made a smart move by choosing to throw the party at Barbeque Garden, KL Life Centre. It is a rooftop restaurant right in the heart of KL with fantastic skyline view!

Look at this!
A comfortable environment that takes you away from the daily concerns,
all under the beautiful KL night sky!
Perfect for friends gathering, birthday party or even candle lit dinner with your loved one.
I feel so lucky to be here. Thank you Barbeque Garden Malaysia for hosting us!

The expert chefs were flame grilling Spicy Chicken Skewers on the spot
 to ensure that the food served were hot!
Didn't get to take any close up shots for the food but they were simply delicious! Yumyumm.

And another swesomeness of this event is the UBER service!
Have you heard of UBER?
UBER is a new smartphone app that lets you order a private car
to bring you to where you need to go safely and efficiently.
We were entitled two free rides to the birthday bash!
Which means we don't have to worry about the transport of the night.
How considerate of the Nuffnang team!
The service impressed me as the drivers were very professional and talked to us in a really polite way.
We were literally the princess of the night because the drivers treated us like one
and they even opened the car door for us LOL.
And they even served water when we were in the car.
So not used to that, but really thumbs up to this apps!
So easy and convenient, for girls especially. :)

Besides the food, Heineken was so generous that they provided free flow of beer
to add on the merry for the night!
Prizes and goodies Nuffnang prepared.
So sweet of them!
There were some awards for the night like ''The Hottest Bond Girl'' or ''The Best Looking Bond''
 which really spiced up the night where you see everyone snapping pics all night long
and posting them on Instagram to stand a chance to win these awards.
I had low battery in my phone so I gave up on posting photos on Instagram. :(
Should really get a power bank soon.
But I feel happy for all the award winners of the night! Congratulations!

Anyway we attempted to take selfies with the LINE fans in our goodies bag
after the emcee DJ Kevin from Traxx FM announced that people who snapped best photos
with the fans could win the exclusive LINE dolls.

*First trial*

*Second trial*

Hmph how ah cannot get the right angle and right lighting....

*No face to see*

Here is the wishing tree for us to write our wishes to Nuffnang.
So much of loves! <3 font="">

Selfie with my love.
Thank you so much for the company for the night. <3 font="">

There was also a booth for us to play darts.
I never tried throwing darts before and I ended up scoring 0 points
 for several attempts which kinda discouraged me. ><
Yerrr people at the back sure laughing at me.
But I never stopped at trying and surprisingly at one attempt I scored 94 points!
Woohoo. That satisfaction. Haha.

Joe Yee trying her hands on throwing darts.
We enjoyed the game really much!

Thanks to Wow Photobooth we get to take photos with awesome props!
But....I think we cannot pull off well as Bond girls. :p
*awkward look*

Meeting Audrey aka Four Feet Nine is what made my night!
She is really so petite and cute and I think I looked like a giant beside her omg.
Spot her lovely husband aka the co-founder of Nuffnang, Timothy Tiah at the back. Hehe.
*Perfect photobomb*

It is cake cutting and group photo session!
*Pics taken from Barbeque Malaysia Facebook page*

Lovely cupcakes which suit the theme perfectly.

Not satisfied with the photobooth picture,
 Joe Yee and I decided to try a few more shots.
Do we look better now? :D


''I am Bond, James Bond.''

Favourite shot of the night.

I totally enjoyed the night. A big thanks to Nuffnang who invited me to join you in one of your memorable moments. May you grow and become a bigger and better blog advertising community in the future. I am proud to be a part of your big family and hopefully, I will be able to join you in your birthday celebration every succeeding year. To my lovely readers, thanks for reading! :) xoxo


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