Monday, March 24, 2014

The Havaianas Summer Kit!

It is summer time again! Have you think of places to getaway this year? 

You’re going to need these!

And by ‘these’, I mean an awesome pair of flip flops with a pin-up girl illustration and a matching towel, because that’s exactly what's in Havaianas Collectible Summer Kit! Yup, everyone’s favourite go-to holiday footwear just got trendier and it all thanks to world-renowned American illustrator Gil Elvgren (March 15, 1914-February 29, 1980).

The artist was well-known for his pin-up paintings, with some of them being for huge clients such as Brown & Bigelow, Coca-Cola, General Electric and Sealy Mattress Company. During his active years from the 1930s to 1970s, he illustrated stories for a host of magazines, such as The Saturday Evening Post and Good Housekeeping. Simply put, Gil Elvgren's work was a huge commercial success.

But it’s not difficult to figure out why his pin-up paintings attracted so many fans. The women he painted were not the femme fatale, the female adventuress, or worst, somebody’s mistress. They were the girls-next-door whose charms were innocently revealed in that fleeting instant when she was caught unaware. But aren't people most beautiful when they are not trying to be? :D

The Cinderella Project - If the Havaianas fit

It must be every girl dreams to own that pretty pair of flip flops! So I am gonna share with you 3 reasons why I would love to have it!

1. Malaysia is too HOT to not wearing a pair of flip flops! Probably due to global warming and also more and more hot guys and girls out there (oopps), you just can't stand wearing covered toes shoes when you go shopping or hanging around. The pretty Havaianas flip flops will surely become the new trend in Malaysia!

2. Don't you just love the vintage feeling of the drawings on the flip flops? Whats more it is limited edition with matching towel! It is not the normal pair of flip flops you get in shopping malls or pasar malam. It looks chic and fashionable with any outfits!

3. My last reason is lame la cause I wanna be the Cinderella who can fit in the shoes and go on a date with my Prince Charming. (although it is no where to be seen :p)

Oh, I heard that the biggest size available is Size 12 so Size 12  it is. :) Imma big foot Cinderella!


Let's get your sunblock, sunglasses and flip flops ready for this summer with Havaianas!


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