Monday, March 31, 2014

[BEAUTY REVIEW] L'OREAL Paris Curl Power Shine Curls Mousse

One of the common problem that stops girls from perming their hair is that they will lose texture after a period of time. The same problem happens on me! I have natural long straight hair but I permed it in April last year. The curls looked good in the first few months. However, it started to become out of shape recently! But fret not, girls! I am going to introduce a good hair mousse that is going to solve our problems. The L'OREAL Paris Curl Power Shine Curls Mousse.

You can get them at Watson or Guardian at the price of approximately RM28.50 (price may vary at different stores). The Curl Power Shine Curls Mousse was specially created to give definition and brilliant watery shine to lifeless curls. Its formula protects your curls from day to day effects of the weather for a 24 hour anti-frizz action. There are stylist's advice at the back of the bottle so don't worry if you never tried this product before!

1. Ensure that your hair is wet, but at the degree of towel-dried. If it happened to be the day after your shampoo, you are encouraged to re-dampen your hair. This is because the product works best when the hair is let to air-dry afterwards. I would suggest applying some hair serum prior to application of mousse to smooth out your hair yo. :)

My hair before applying the mousse. It fell flat and boring without defined curls.
No curls no volume :(

2. The mousse comes in a handy can which has to be shaken every time before use. Keep the can upside down to collect the expanded mousse. When the nozzel is pressed mousse squirts out. It doesn’t have any super strong fragrance which I absolutely love!

Be careful not to press too hard to avoid wastage. Only very little product is required to style the hair! (That is why a bottle of 200ml on regular usage can actually last me for nearly a year! Wow) Excess of product makes your hair stiff. It has happened to me quite a few times, but I believe you will know the amount you need after a few trials! :)

I normally use twice of this amount as I have long hair up to waist.
It disappears after application and does not feel sticky one bit!

3. Here you go! Start spreading the mousse the whole length of hair, scrunching your hair and lifting your curls with your whole hand, through the hair!

I separate my hair into two halves for more even spreading of the mousse.

Scrunch as you go, focusing more on the tips of your hair!

For even more defined curls, sculpt by wrapping curls around your index finger.
It is easy, isn't it? :D

4. Then all you have to do is to wait for your hair to dry! They recommend us to dry with a diffuser to attain more volume and definition, but normally I just wait for it to air-dry. Wondering how's the result? ;)

You can easily spot the difference between two strands of my hair.
It adds extra body and bounce to permed hair and definitely enhances my curls!

1. Enhances the curls and keeps them silky to the touch for almost the entire day!
2. No strong fragrance.
3. Not sticky.
4. Lasts long with regular usage. (approximately a year)
5. Decently priced for the quantity and quality.
6. Easy and fast to use. I always use it early in the morning before I off to uni. Even if I am in a rush, I can get my hair done in just 10 minutes!

1. If you have thin hair, it will weigh your curls down.
2. Excess amount of mousse make your hair looks stiff.
3. Tend to squeeze out more than you actually need.

Of course, there are better hair products in the market which can provide even defined and long-lasting curls. However, I would still recommend L'OREAL Paris Curl Power Shine Curls Mousse for people who wants to get those perfect curls without spending much. :)

I am happy and ready to go for uni now!

Have a good day!


  1. oohh I actually have permed hair too and am looking for a suitable hair product to maintain my curls. Thanks for the review! :DD Will try it out when my current product finishes. hehe

    xx Mandy


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