Monday, February 25, 2013

Beautifully imperfect

I am not a good emotion controller.
If I were to take the Emotional Quotient Test, it must be a really low marks.
Things around me are never under my control. Even if I decided to avoid myself from things I don't like, people I don't like, works I don't like. Sometimes I still have to live together with them because they made up part of my life.
I don't know the best way to deal with these imperfections in my life.
So I strive to be beautifully imperfect.


I will pass this test with flying colours.

This is a very special week. Perhaps only to both of my roommates.
They are sending off their loved ones this week, one going Australia, one going New Zealand.
Sadness is overwhelming in my house. Lol.
I believe everyone do experienced long-distance relationship.
Even separated with your family do affect your relationship with your family.
So what actually happens when a pair of couple separated?
I don't know whether whatsapp can really link two hearts that are separated together.
I only know that whatsapp alerts from both of their phones are with me throughout the day.
If distance is really a test of love, someone, please pass the test.

I read my book, you watch your movie.
One day, I want us to read a same book together, watch one movie together.
And at that time, we shall never apart from each other again.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Life is about failure and success, success and failure.

There are certain things which I keep on repeating to myself and in this blog.
Not because I like to nag or what, but just I find it too true.
Effort is never proportional to results.
I tried several times where I worked very hard, but I failed.
BUT. When I did nothing ( or less effort, not the maximum ), I successed.
Everything is not under our control. Nothing.
Probably only your emotions are under your own control. Because you can still smile when you are unhappy.
Remember, have control of your own emotions. That is the only thing you left that is under your control.

Hey, how amazing it is to witness a grown up of a little boy into a man. :)

Friday, February 15, 2013

Like A Miracle.

This is not a dream comes true. This is a miracle.
I got all H1 ( First Class Honours ) in my JC1 Summative Assessments!
Oh my goodness. :O This was my reaction when I opened my email.
Totally out of my expectation.
I. totally. don't. know. why. I. so. lucky.
Felt extremely thankful to God. Thank you. I found the strength I lost.
Using this strength, I will strive even harder, to my maximum, in JC2.
Aww I love this examination slip!
Good day, and all is well. :D

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Want to be your valentine.

Tell me which girl doesn't love flowers.
Not practical, but enough to melt a girl's heart. You know, girls actually never ask for more. 
Because girls forgive easily, forget easily, cries easily.
Can I be your valentine?
Happy Valentine's Day. :)

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

New Year. NEW.

DONG DONG CHIANG! Happy Lunar New Year peeps! :D
It is another new year and this year, I made lots of wishes for myself as well. You always only realise about what meant the most to you when you are silently, secretly making your wishes to God. :)
I thank Chinese New Year for giving us a chance to meet with relatives who hardly meet usually. It was really heart-breaking to see my third aunt, suffering from rheumatoid arthritis and walked with pain. And my first aunt, who look after me since I was young, now getting older and older. Same goes to my parents actually. :(  Time do magic, yea?

Anyway, made my first visit to Penang and Ipoh recently with my uni-mates.
They are a bunch of awesome people! Some of my friends really amaze me in this trip. They are more mature than they look like. Very good in taking care of all of us. Good tourguide, good driver, good organiser, good companion. :D Most important of all, we get to know each other better!
I had fun, food were nice and cheap so I ate a lot. Haha. Diet plan epic failed.
And I realise how amazing it is to travel. I shouldn't have yearn of going overseas when I haven't even finish exploring Malaysia. Have decided to go on trip whenever I have long holidays! Why stay at home? Go out and explore the world!

The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page. by Saint Augustine 

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