Monday, February 25, 2013

I will pass this test with flying colours.

This is a very special week. Perhaps only to both of my roommates.
They are sending off their loved ones this week, one going Australia, one going New Zealand.
Sadness is overwhelming in my house. Lol.
I believe everyone do experienced long-distance relationship.
Even separated with your family do affect your relationship with your family.
So what actually happens when a pair of couple separated?
I don't know whether whatsapp can really link two hearts that are separated together.
I only know that whatsapp alerts from both of their phones are with me throughout the day.
If distance is really a test of love, someone, please pass the test.

I read my book, you watch your movie.
One day, I want us to read a same book together, watch one movie together.
And at that time, we shall never apart from each other again.

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