Saturday, March 10, 2012

Night of the Legend

This is a day that should be bear in mind.
Night of the Legend was on the 5th of March.
One of my friend said that I am so lucky because my college is so active in organising activity.
I guess so?
Because we had 2 band competitions in a semester! :D
Good news to 7souls.
We get a 2nd chance after the defeat during last Battle of the Band.
By playing the song Ali Baba this time,
We won! :)
We proved that the first to be perform can win too! ( because there's a curse of performing first, and we were the first team to perform in both Battle of the Band and Night of the Legend. Now we have proved that wrong! )
Now let the pictures to tell u the story. :)

The stage of the day

Love this quote : Tiada dulu, tiadalah sekarang.
Night of the '' Legend ''
So the special part is, this time we are required to play oldies song.
We are given theme of PRamlee and Saloma.

Spot me? ;)

The two keybaordists of 7souls

Our teacher. Artist of the day!

Me and Ihsan!

Tujuh jiwa with all the penyamunssss.
Penyamun appears in the story of Ali Baba of PRamlee.
These people did us a great help by presenting a sketch during our performance.
Thank you penyamun!

Look at the person from the left. The '' always wanted to do special pose'' Abang Sai-- our bassist.

The cool guitarist Azhar

Never forget Cikgu Helmi during band performance! and his cute child Azim ( always refuse to look at the camera ) ! :p

Me, Xue Ni and PuiHong

My favourite teacher Cik Halina also came on that day! :)

The first time, Battle of the Band--- we lost.
This time, we came back with even more semangat and even more close relationship with each others!
I must say that our defeat didnt weaken us,
but making us stronger.
5th of March was a dream to me.
where the dream of seven of us finally came true.
Drummer Fateh
Bassist Abang Sai
Guitarist Azhar and Daus
Vocalist Ana
Keyboardist Pui Hong ( and me! )
Lots of thank you.
Like what I have believed, 7souls really awesome. hehe.
Love you 7souls!

I finally won.
But you wont know how much i wish to give u a big hug when i saw your tears.
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