Sunday, December 26, 2010


I had never been so busy before.
Have u ever tried filling every hours, every minutes and even every single seconds in a day?
Keeping myself busy gave me a sense of satisfaction.
The greatest feeling for miss perfectionist :)

I found out that i love countdown! especially with the guys and my dearest ongliyin and baizuer.
I love to be busy at all times! I enjoy promoting olive oil already. Even though u dont want to buy. I dont even mind repeating the same lines again and again. Working train your patience! And my patience has been proved :D
I love baking garlic bread! I am addicted to it although i hate GARLIC at first.
And of course my family. They gave me the warmth feeling today which is so rare :)
Everything was so perfect. Thanks again to everyone that makes my birthday perfect.
God will bless everyone on this special day :)
God never been biased. He will blessed you and me and everyone :)

Do drop by and buy my olive oil if your mummy always use it to cook alright?
Find me at jusco supermarket tomorrow. hehe. Look out for the green green trolley :)
And i will treat you the best garlic bread in the world ;)
Sheng yi nan zuo arrrr. Mr Lee Jian Wei will understand this the best. hahaha.

Miss perfectionist is really gonna miss 25.12.2010.
Good night people :)

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