Sunday, January 2, 2011

hello 2011 :)

Goodbye and hello to 2010 and 2011!
I want to give a big big smile to welcome 2011 :D
Thanks to lee jian wei's countdown party. That was really fun. I almost forget about all my troubles.
Thank you lee jian wei's family! God bless u guys because u all are nice people :)
Hmm and also ah ku who is my fifth driver. haha thank you. u will improve next time im sure about that.
My first fourth is jianwei, kz, dylan and neo.
Ah Liang see i am waiting to be your passenger so that i completely sit ac team's car! :p
I really love the atmosphere last night. Looking at others having fun is really enough for me.
I actually stole the feeling from others for my own good. hehe.
no worry ah liang i dont feel bored at all :)
But i do looks tired right. yep i know i know. I always need SLEEP.
Sorry I wasn't in my best condition yesterday. had a pair of sleepy eyes which was discovered by everyone.
But i smile when 2011 came.
Goodbye 2010.
2011, please be a better one, be a blessed one. Cheers :)

I love Liyin's room :)
It is not a girlish girlish room with pink pink wall papers.
But u will just know that it belongs to girls. Guys stay away please ;)
When I step into it i feit i had already came to here for countless times.
It is just so nice. Gave me a sense of gui shu gan.
I especially love the way their family treats me.
nobody stops me for helping them to wash their plates after the meal.
Because im already sick of how my mum treats our guests " fang zhu jiu hao wo lai xi wo lai xi! "
I feel that im already one of them on that two days. Hope they also accept me as one of them.
I will certainly visit her house again. :)

I really shouldn't cry infront of her.
Because she is far too brave than me.
I held back my tears. I felt her pain. So pain.
Is she still a human?
I dont't know what else i can do. I only gave her a hug at last.
I know that it will never be enough to cure her pain.
I was so stupid i didn't sense her sadness and give her helping hands when she needs it.
I hope i will be able to help her in the future. I will be cleverer in sensing your emotion. I will.
For the one that i love the most.
God please help me watch over this girl. I want her to be fine and may happiness surrounds her everyday.
Because she already went through so much.
She deserves everything best.
Time to smile to 2011 my girl! Muax :)

I often change my decision and that troubles u and everyone.
I will learn to be more brave in making decision in this brand new year.
Stop po po ma ma Eunice Tham.

Eunice is actually selfish to the core.
I was angry for a tiny stuff and i soon realise that i was selfish for having that thought.
I was being childish again.
I guess both of us need time.
I want to be your friend. Forever.
I allow u to ignore me for these while, but i want u to be back as my friend when u are ready to do so.
When u sucessfully make everything right.
Because i really do appreciate our friendship.
And u are still one of my friend who truly understands me.
I will wait for your return :)

最感性奖 is just infront of my bed.
to remind me to smile to every obstacles.

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