Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Call me Eunice Lao Shi!

3rd Jan 2011 is a change. A new start.
Firstly, good luck to those who is at plkn now!
Take care Liyin who is at Kluang now.
Take care Lianghui who is at Melaka.
And all the others. Cheer to you all :)

Secondly, i start off my life as Eunice Lao Shi.
A tuition teacher isn't easy to be. Really.
You may think it looks easy but it is not.
anyone could tell me why Standard One student needs tuition?
Kids nowadays are really pitiful.
I saw countless of students cried because they were canned by the teachers.
Hey of course NOT ME.
but by those more experienced teacher.
Is caning them the best way of making them obey you?

I don't think so.
I feel scared. I'm scared that i might become like those teacher.
I became bad temper towards my family when i was back from work yesterday.
The atmosphere there made me annoyed. Seriously.
And of course, Eunice Tham almost cried on the first day.
A Standard Six boy refused to take out his book and he even talked back me.
Luckily i held back. Luckily.
You are testing my patience, boy.

I hope i may become more adapt to it. I really need to.
I couldn't go out with any friends in this first week because i'm scared i might raise my voice and scared you.


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