Sunday, January 30, 2011


Sorry for not updating for nearly a week!
I was just too busy. I need TIME. I need time so much.
Oh God can u please freeze the time for me!
I need time to clear out my messy mind recently. Pls wait for me and give me somemore time.
dont leave before i sucessfully do so alright?

Well, as for my schedule everyday.
My life was filled with things repeating everyday.
wake up at 6.45am.
get ready.
and start my day dealing with the kids.
6.45pm reach home.
12 hours! half of my day doing things i dislike.
For the other 12 hours. What did i do?
I already lose my personal time.
Guess what? im gonna work until 1st feb.
Ish my plan for that day was totally ruined.
Chinese new year is coming is coming is coming IS COMING.
I cant help but kept countdown-ing for the day.

'Your heart will tie u up' is what she told me.
I know i always can find answer i want from her.
But this time, her words...yes, still able to change my mind and affect my decision.
Talking with her made me realise how well she understands me and how lousy u are.
I shouidn't have blame u.
For what she said, they always thought they already gave us everything.
Just a little bit dumb, and immature. She said.

Am i a lesbian?
Because i love her so much and need her so much!


Okay okay i know i always complain about my tuition centre.
But still gonna leave some memories right.
Check this out. ;)

This is my favourite room as it is the room for standard one and four which is the cutest kids :) but look at the cane on the table. so long so thick so scary :(

room for standard five

Yes! my handwriting. Thing i enjoyed the most everyday! Write on the board XD I teach English and look, this is what they learnt --- Prepositions.

Love what u work or work what u love?
Although i will only give u complaintssss when u ask me how's my work,
But there's still, of course some elements that will make me smile there.
I will remember everything there, everything. either it is happy or sad.
well. it's part of my journey, isn't it?
Cheer for myself  :)

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