Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Last and The Start :)

People who know me should have know that i dont hang keychain on my phone.
But i have one since yesterday
and i love it a lot!

Yesterday we were on a train together.
A train bringing us to the past
to the days which we were both so immature.
Yupp we were so cute! I like this line XD
I smiled and cried together when i knew how stupid we were.
It's okay, let it be a secret between us :) Which will make me smile when i think of it.
I dont agreed that we should forget about the past and look forward only to the future.
Why should we when the memories we had are so sweet? :)
Pls talk to me more about the past!
u know what i mean ;)

Im not alone.
Because she told me im on the same boat with her.
Let's together be really really strong superwoman,
and really really smart girl!

Sometimes goodbye isnt as bad as people thought.
Condition is people know that it's not the end.
But another start.

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