Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Truth hurts, lies kill

You are just too.......troublesome?
Girls are always craving for more.
And you know what, sorry.

You wanted for more but you couldnt get it.
You gave more but what you received was fading.
You saw more and your heart pains more.
You were sad but you are not allowed to show.
You were pek cek but you dont know what to do.
You seeked for help but you couldnt get a 100% answer.
You wanted to voice out your thoughts but what came out were tears.
You wanted just once, he automatically understand your heart.
You said, no distance. And your heart says, stop lying.
People love what's not belongs to them.

So what for u wanted for more? what for u gave more? what for u see pictures u dont like to? what for u feeling sad and pek cek? what for u seeked for help? what for u tried to voice out ur thoughts?

everything makes no sense. So dont do it again.
swallow in all ur pain and unhapiness.
and u will be fine.
Thank you but you are really not born with greenfingers.

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