Sunday, January 9, 2011


weekendssss :)
I am very sure that i will love saturday and sunday the most in the coming three months
just like students XD

Volleyball match is still as nice as i expected!
Our ssi guys plus two uncles gave me a nice match yesterday.
I really do regret for not going for their quarter and semi today. They emerge as fourth place at last.
Congrats though :)
I wonder will i have the chance to see volleyball match in the future.
I only watch ssi's! haha.

i realise that i can differentiate between work and personal life :)
because i didn't get angry when i saw Nicholas being mischevious.
haha that's a good news to me.
I shouldn't bring my emotion back from work.
I will still like cute kids, not every kids are naughty, right?

Every girls love surprise. And me too!
Creating surprise is also a good one. I enjoy preparing something for someone you loved.
I will smile to myself when im doing so :)
shhhhh it's a secret XD

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