Sunday, April 14, 2013


My dearest Malaysia is facing the probably hardest decision to make in her 56 years of life. It is about time to determine the fate of the country and the fate of millions of people living in the country. When the day is approaching, more and more ridiculous things happened to attract our attention. Why la. Why so desperate. Don't you know that good things come when they are least expected?

*To change or not to change?

I feel very good of myself! I think I put in as much possible hard work as I can in my second semester of my medical years. I don't feel bad anymore if I am going to get good results again like last semester. I will no longer say that it is because I am lucky. I will tell you because I work hard for this. :) However, I constantly remind myself that I am not yet a 'somebody'. I am just a 'nobody'. I have greater aspirations ahead of me, excellent colleagues who challenge me to become better and better every day, so I must never stop my pace.

* Because the moment I started, I know there's no turning back.

My special friend is leading a good life in another world now. We are both studying medicine but we are in different world. It is totally different. I feel so happy for her because I know her life is good. Her life is exciting, full of colours, doing things she likes. She is in a place where she can express her talents, shine bright. I am doing fine here, too. Without those chances like her to perform on big stage, I enjoy my easy, simple, yet contenting life right now. So I guess God really did a good placement.

* Ahh, distance makes things beautiful. :)


* 谢谢你,天蠍。

I miss you.

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