Friday, September 20, 2013

Malaysians are disappointing.

Last Wednesday, I was waiting for KTM at KL Sentral. I was considered quite unlucky because by the time I bought my ticket, the last train just left. So I got no choice but to wait for the next train. So I was the first person queuing there. The next train took around 30 minutes to come, which made everyone starting to get very impatient. People queuing behind me started to mumble and complain. I was quite worried too because I actually needed to rush back to my university. Any delays can really make me late for classes.

So the train finally came. Many people wanted to go in/go out from the train at the same time. I believe I am a good citizen. Of course, I will have to wait at the side and allow people inside to come out from the train first. However, there were just too many people. People queuing behind me started to bypass me and entered the train first (Whatttt?) So the people inside the train were stuck and couldn't come out. And me, stood awkwardly there. Then there was this Malay guy inside the train, wanted to come out but couldn't, started to scold right in front of my face (as I was the only one standing outside the train waiting, everyone else busy squeezing into the train). ''You tak pernah belajar ke, orang keluar dulu baru masuk, tunggu sekejap pun tak boleh, sekolah tak ajar ibu bapa pun tak ajar.....''

Now tell me. What's wrong with this world? I got scolded even when I was the one who waited and gave way to the passengers. Yes, he wasn't talking about me, but the feeling of get lectured right in my face was just so awful. At the same time, I was reminded by my pleasant experience of taking Singapore's MRT. This is just too disappointing.

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  1. when things get tough the tough get going..brace urself thinks positive n stay strong...:)


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