Saturday, October 12, 2013

Nuffnang Food Festival at Sunway Pyramid

I swear it was just a casual Saturday afternoon. 

Weekends, to me, are rather boring as I seldom go out and whole day of studying at home really freaks me out. So as I was instagram-ing last Saturday, I came across Sean's picture saying that he is going to the #NNFoodFest held in Sunway Pyramid! My first reaction was ''Aww you are going! I want, too!'' And surprisingly, Sean gave me a call immediately and asked if I wanna join him. You can see that it was a really last-minute decision because I even went with shorts and flip flops. Haha oppps. :p

If you are wondering what is #NNFoodFest, it is the Malaysia's first ever tw(eat) fest held by Nuffnang. What you have to do is to have your smartphone with you, and tweet/instagram/facebook to eat! I must say that this is a really smart move of Nuffnang. Nuffnang gets to reward us for being faithful Nuffnangers all these while, and the vendors get to promote their food plus getting additional likes on Facebook! It is a win-win situation! Smart eh? See how strong the influence of media mass to the teenagers nowadays.
*Nuffnang is the world's leading Blog Advertising Community.

Here is a list of all the vendors taking part in this event. Spot your favourite? *wink*

Photo: [MY] Check out the vendors who will be at the #NNFoodFest! 

Are you ready for it? Countdown to the #NNFoodFest: 3 DAYS!
More info our on latest blog post here:

Sean and I reached Sunway Pyramid at around 4.30pm and we can already feel the heat when we haven't even join into the crowd!
Look at the amount of crowd on that day!

Smartphones, smartphones everywhere

After registration, Sean and I quickly joined in the crowd and started our food journey. We started by approaching the nearest stall to us - Crush Food. I don't own a twitter account so I got my free blended fruit juice by liking and sharing their Facebook page. Whereas Sean tweet and hashtag #crushfood. As simple as that!

Jackfruit twist and banana pineapple from Crush Food. Such a refreshing start!

Absolute Thai kebab

The big Maggi Kari mascot and the happy little girl posing with her balloon.
Pork soup from Restoran Sek Me Choy

Introducing the creative Nasi Lemak Popiah! From Zuo, Publika.
They wrap the rice, sambal, eggs, cucumber in the popiah, creating Malaysia very own popiah.
*Proud Malaysian*

Pan mee from Paradise Group Malaysia.
They were so generous to give us such a big portion!
Plus point is the soup base was simply delicious!
Probably the best pan mee soup base I have ever tried. (Y)

Mashed potato and chicken chop from Niko Niko Onigiri.
It looks simple but the Japanese-style mashed potato was so yummy!

Pork burger *Non-halal*
It is bite-size and it looks so cute with the small flag on top of it. :)

The lady at Ninja Joe's counter kindly explained to a Nuffnanger
how to tweet/instagram/facebook to get their food sample.

Best drink to relieve our thirst - dragon fruit ice blended from Vineg Plus.
And also the already very famous Chatime! Students'all time favourite!
They have different rule from the other vendors as we have to take a photo
with their exclusive Chatime frame and instagram the photo.
So we did and we got one Chatime each! Yay.
*ignore my messy hair. Ahhhh.*

We were already very full by then, so we decided to reward our tummies with some desserts. Ohhh. The guilty me. All the girls diet plan epic failed on that day because of all these attractive foodssss. :( 

I would say that this is the BEST FOOD I have tried on that day.
Ice cream from Cielo Dolci.
I had the 70% Belgian Chocolate and Sean had the Tau Fu Fa.
Yes you didn't hear me wrong, Tau Fu Fah ice cream!
 I also spotted other special flavours such as Nasi Lemak (I wonder does it tastes spicy?),
coconut gula melaka, Kedondong, salted caramel, etc.
I am a Tau Fu Fah fans and I totally fell in love with their ice cream!
Their 70% Belgian Chocolate was equally nice as well. HEAVENLY NICE.
But too bad we can only try once. :(
I googled for their outlets but I can't really find them.
Anyone has any idea where can I find Cielo Dolci outlets in KL?

N brew Nitrogen ice cream.
Wondering how to make ice cream with liquid nitrogen?

*One minute science class now*
Liquid nitrogen, which has a boiling point of -196C, is used for instantly freezing food and drinks, or creating an impressive cloud of vapour or fog when exposed to air. 
If liquid nitrogen is added to liquid such as an ice cream mixture, it cools the liquid rapidly while it boils away and produce a cloud of vapour. The rapid freezing produces an ice cream with particularly small ice crystals which has a very smooth texture.

This is the liquid nitrogen!
We were so impressed by the cloud of vapour produced that me and Sean quickly insta video it

Pretty puddings from Sweet Montage.

Crepe cake from Humble Beginnings.
The portion was a little bit small and I can't really remember how it tasted.
I probably still find the Nadeje crepe cake in Melaka the best. :D

Durian and original flavour puffs from Kee's Creampuffs.
This is definitely a YES for durian lover like me. Haha.
Our last stop was Crazy potato!
The queue was crazy as well that was why we leave it the last.
There were 3 different toppings and I chose the cheese one.
French fries French fries! *Omnomnom*

So happy that even there were lots of Nuffnangers on that day,
there were no pushing and cutting queue.
(Y) *Peace* (Y)

Because we love candid shots. Hee. 
I spotted the very famous My Burger Lab as well but we decided to give up on it because the queue was just. too. longgggg. The charm of the little black burger. There were just too many stalls and we didn't get to try all the stalls. What a pity. Partly because some of them were too kind and generous and they gave us a very big portion each. :O We felt so full that we decided to sit down and chill and listen to a talk on food bloggers' photography skills. Sean was so lucky that he was the first person to win a free book of food vouchers by giving an enthusiastic shout to the emcees! Woohoo! The food vouchers can probably last him for a year. :D
Sean interviewed by the two handsome emcees, Kevin and Matthew.

Another fun part of this event was that we get to bump into our friends! By scrolling through instagram, Sean realised that his high school besties - Ivan was also here at the NN Food Fest! Such a coincidence. :)

Sean and Ivan chit-chatting happily while enjoying the food.

Guess who I met? Tee Wilee - my high school senior!
It has been ages since I last saw her and she looks so gorgeous now. :)
Btw I look like a giant beside her LOL.

Special thanks to my company of the day - Sean!
Thank you for bringing me there :)
You can click here to visit his blog. Very worth-reading! :)

Because it was a last minute decision, I didn't insta their photo beforehand so I didn't get the limited edition badge and macaroons during registration. Aww. :( And also after the event I realised that they were giving out free power bank! Aikkss. Moral of the story - last minute won't do you any good. Lol.

This was actually my second time joining Nuffnang activity as I am still a newbies Nuffnanger. But I totally enjoyed myself on that day and I appreciate all the hard work put in by the Nuffnang committees to make this event a great success. Happy stomach, happy me. :D Thumbs up to Nuffnang! And thank you! *bows* Will definitely join awesome event like this again next time. :) How was your weekends readers? I hope you enjoyed yours too!

Love, Eunice.

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