Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Being Emotionally Attached

It is hard to let go of stuff.

We all have things that we have become attached to and would feel deprived without. It all started when a child couldn't sleep without his favourite bolster/blanket/toys. The perfect example is me. I am still using the same bolster that I have been using for more than 10 years. And I bring it everywhere I go. My confession is: I have strong emotional attachment to inanimate objects, all the time. I have that sense of guilt for throwing away a pair of worn-out shoes. I feel sorry for the food when the food is thrown away. Terribly upset when something is broken/destroyed. I always let my teddy bear sit on my bed properly and I forbid my friends from bullying him - he feels the pain. I still remember how long I have been emo-ing over my damaged headphones 2 years back, because it was given by my friend and I really treasured it. And now. Just yesterday. I lost another gift.

''It's only objects. Why react so extremely?'' 

But I couldn't help and the threat of loss of the object triggered anxiety. I started panicking and blaming myself and tearing up and I swear at that moment my mental age regressed by at least a decade. I feel....incomplete.

Perhaps I am destined to be an emotional creature. And I am stubborn like that.


  1. Eunice, somehow I think I'm very similar to you in many ways. I remember how I felt so sad when I lost my favourtite eraser in the class when I was 8, I felt so guilty that I can't even take good care of my eraser and I can't stop imagine that it might be lying at somewhere dark and dirty. Ever since then, I swear I will take good care of my personal stuffs. I checked and made sure everything was in place before I left the class everyday, I became kind of anxious back then. Same goes to the food, I get angry when I see people throwing food away just because they think they're not yummy enough, I feel so bad because there're so many people all over the world struggling so hard for food.

    Hahaha my turn to confess here >.<

    1. Omg! Are your reading back my old post hahaha. Glad that I found another emotional creature hehe.

    2. Opps被發現了! Actually I spent some time to read your posts all the way back to 2010, I know you better now Eunice >.< You're such an awesome girl and you really can write very well, I will definitely support you if you publish your own book one day ^^ Also, I'm surprised to find that we're similar in many ways hehe~ Eunice 加油! :)


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