Thursday, July 10, 2014

[FOOD REVIEW] Absolute Thai @ KSL City Mall, Johor Bahru.

Sa-Waa-Dee-Kha! I am not a big fan of Thai cuisine. But I love Thai food - the variety of ingredients, the array of flavours and colours, the dynamic combinations.  And if you tried Absolute Thai, you will agree with me that they serve the best Thai food in town. Ma Cherie Johor Bloggers are honored to be invited to a food review at Absolute Thai, KSL City Mall. The girls were all hyped up when we first got the invitation. Everyone was all ready for the big feast and the awaiting spiciness.

Absolute Thai has a total of fourteen branches spread across Klang Valley and Johor, with three of them located in Johor - KSL City, Johor Premium Outlets and Mall of Medini. They serve reasonable authentic Thai cuisine in a chic and modern interior.

The central theme of wood and brick accented with borders of black and red is preserved throughout its outlets, as is the mix of vintage and modern artwork that adorns its walls.

Thai Mango Salad with Crispy Catfish RM15.90
If you want to know a little about Thai cuisine and what makes it so engaging, start with this salad!

The manager of Absolute Thai, Wei Wei showed us how the Thais eat this dish. Crush the crispy catfish into small pieces and mix with the crunchy mango. This salad will blow you away with its tastebud-awakening flavors. It is fruity, sweet, sour and salty! I love the crunchiness of the fresh mango.

Thai Fish Cake (4 Pieces) RM9.90
Thai Fish Cakes are a common street food in Thailand.

The fish cakes are served with Thai sweet chili sauce and chopped cucumber. They aren't battered, which I find allows for more of the fresh taste of the fish, spices, and herbs to come through. It was a little too spicy for me to handle. I had to drink a whole glass of water to relieve the spiciness. (Hey wait, this is still an appetizer!)

Pineapple Fried Rice with Prawns RM16.90
Another signature dish of Thailand, beautifully served in a carved-out pineapple.

Look at the crunchy cashew nuts, chicken floss and the mouth-watering big prawns on top of it. Not to mention the juicy pineapple, onions and generous amount of sweet raisins in the fried rice. Puurrrrfect.

Tom Yam Soup 
served in clear base or red based
for  4 persons
chicken RM38.90
seafood RM42.90

The highlight of the night - hot and sour tom yam with seafood, the classic Thai soup. Don't be deceived by the clear broth. it definitely tastes spicier than that! Never judge a book by its cover, eh? ;) It is best enjoyed accompanied by white rice. Packed with fragrant Thai herbs and spices, first drink of it and it awakened my senses and set my tongue alive. And I was left with a very pleasant heat in my mouth. The fish is also fresh plus my favourite mushrooms. Wow. I love it!

The fiery looking red tom yam is actually less spicy than the clear based tom yam! Wei Wei explained to us that coconut milk is added in the red based tom yam, which explains the slightly sweeter broth.

All the Ma Cherie ladies love the tom yam! :D

Stir-fried Bean Curb with Hot Basil Leaves RM12.90

Stir fried bean curd served with ground peanuts in sweet and sour sauce. A good side dish to go with the tom yam. Best served hot!

Sizzling Ming Prawns with Tamarind Sauce RM38.90

Just so you know, Tamarind sauce is also known as sweet and sour sauce. The prawns are really huge and delicious. Hmm slightly overpriced, perhaps?

Drinks of the day
Cool down after meals with a sip of Thai style cold drinks.

From the left: Muay Thai Punch RM12
Lemongrass Juice RM8
Thai Iced Coffee RM9
Thai Iced Tea RM9

Thai Iced Coffee and Thai Iced Tea look like the famous Sarawak three layer tea. Absolute Thai uses only tea leaves and coffee powder imported from Thailand to ensure the quality of the drinks!

Mango with Sticky Rice RM11.90

First thing comes to my mind when talking about Thai food - so how could I miss this? Sticky rice paired with sweet coconut milk topping and cool mango slices is a refreshing pairing to spicy Thai meal. Must-try! 

Water Chestnut in Coconut Milk Topped with Jack fruits RM7.90

I enjoy admiring the small reddish jewels in it. A refreshing way to end the meal. :D

It was a great evening full of laughter. After all, it's who you eat with that matters the most. :) A big thanks to my Ma Cherie girls for the accompany for the night. Thank you Wei Wei for your kind explanation throughout the food tasting session! 

So next time when you are looking for authentic Thai food in JB, you know where to go. ;)

Absolute Thai (KSL City Mall Branch)
Lot LG-22A, Level LG,
KSL City,
33, Jalan Seladang,
Taman Abad,
80250 Johor Bahru,
Tel: 07-289 0052

Operating Day: Monday to Sunday
Operating Hour: 11:30am - 9:30pm

No pork, no lard, no Halal cert

Deal to steal! What are you waiting for?

Till then!
Eunice :)


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