Saturday, July 12, 2014

La Vie En Rose: The Heist - Agent Lola

What a long and tiring day. Agent Lola just finished a hot bath and changed into her sweet pajamas.
A sweet and demure young woman she is.

On her bed, she is working on a small tablet. 
Her eyes are heavy and sore, but she is determined to locate the lost money

She has a good feeling today.

Slowly she inserts a series of number to the tablet from the note she obtained this afternoon. 
The waiting time is killing. She wonders if the world stops turning; if time itself pauses and everything is on hold. 
Her heart is pounding in her chest.


And Voila! The location is not so far from her. She smiles: ''I got you.''

What is she going to do next?

Little Black Dress - Kim (You can find it here)
Black Stockings - Eryn
Nude Zhane Studded Satchel Bag - Lovebaglovebag
Queen Pearl Ball Earring - Happy2u
Korean Torch Ring - Happy2u
Venue - Pariss Hotel

Photos by Kelvin Ong
Make up by Jennifer
Styled by Million Mars

This post is part of the first fashion editorial project of Ma Cherie Johor Bloggers group. Special thanks to our kind sponsor Happy2ucc. With their wide selection of accessories, every girl can be beautiful without having to spend much. Their ready stock and instant delivery save girls a lot of hassle. We are also grateful to have Lovebaglovebag sponsoring all the bags and clutches in this editorial project. Also we would like to thank Pariss Hotel for such a lovely room. This is a project we have been working on for months. Your support is what keeps us going. We hope you like the story! :)

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