Friday, July 26, 2013

You made up the most beautiful part of my life.

Some words are left unsaid. But they are just too late. Have forgotten how many times I have reminded myself, not to take things for granted. I knew it very well that I should not have took anyone for granted, for people will not always be there for me selflessly, without asking for any repay. However, I just do that most of the time. Always think that the person who really cares for me will never leave me. Will always be there waiting for me, tolerating all my flaws, accepting me for who I am. I thought you are my home, where I come back only when I am tired. But I was wrong. It can never work in this way. This is my retribution. Which I should have got it sooner. I thank you for making it last.

A relationship is just like planting a flower. You never water it, it will never turn into a flower, you will never get to appreciate its beauty. So I am here, watching my precious one and only flower wilted, crying my heart out, and no one will ever know.

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