Thursday, August 1, 2013

Dreaming of becoming an author

Photo taken from #theserenelee instagram

My primary school bff just published her first book! Since she was really good in story telling, so she wrote this book when she was in primary school ( Wow! ), compiled in sec school, and now she has the chance to publish this book. It is called Creative Story Telling and they will be sold at Malaysia's biggest bookfair of the year at KLCC this month. Feel really proud of her! And she has promised to give me one with her autograph. Hiak hiak. Just want to share her success here. Please give her your support if you happened to see this book. :) Congratulations Su Xiang!

And I was reminded of my dream of becoming an author one day. But the dream seems to be so far from me now.

One of my friend said, ''I don't think you look like a medical student.''
What? What? Whatttttttt. How must a medical student looks like? Medical students cannot love travel cannot love shopping cannot dress pretty? Medical students must be nerdy and talk in anatomy language? Cannot blog about stuffs totally unrelated to medicine? LOL like I care.


每晚彻夜不眠   因为有太多画面在脑海里关不掉
睡不着  真的好辛苦



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