Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I do stupid things again, again and again.

Again. I do stupid things again, again and again.

I am definitely a typical type of girl who lives in a fairytale. Any surprises made my day. Even if it is just a small little note, a small act, a little bit of warmth. That is why I love birthdays. I love festive seasons or events that involve giving presents. Christmas. Valentines. Anniversary. Birthdays. I am a hopeless romantic.
And when it comes to giving gifts, I don't like the idea of buying a gift from the gift shop, nicely wrapped by the salesgirl and just pass it to the receiver. I like personalised gift. Not necessary handmade, but what I want is to add in some warmth to the gift, so that it is not only a gift, but what the receiver really needs and appreciates, and to convey my sincere wishes to the receiver. I do cards. I have a collection of ribbons and buttons and colour papers with me so that I can do cards when my friend's birthday is approaching. I go shop for birthday gifts really often, and this always takes me a whole afternoon, sometimes empty-handed after one whole afternoon and I will have to look for it the other day at another mall. Yes, I am as silly as that.

Sometimes I may end up giving really weird gifts, but they are definitely what I really spent time on it. I may end up giving normal bags, shoes, clothes or tie. But believe me or not, I spent lots of time before this looking for other special gifts, but I failed. I may end up failing a surprise 12am birthday celebration, but I really did play them in my mind for thousand times, hoping the surprise will not go wrong.

Of course I understand the fact that some people never take birthdays so serious. And they may think I am so stupid to spend so much time to create a surprise and to buy a gift. But that is just me. To do it, I will give my all. My only hope is that my receivers appreciate. You don't have to bring my gift with you all the time or thinking that now I give you a gift and you have to give me one as a return. Just one word that I need. Your appreciation. To make me realise that I am not doing stupid things and what I do can really make you happy.

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