Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Family, Friends, Love

''What made up the most important part of your life. Friends, Family or Love?''

This is like the most lame question in the world right after ''If your mother and I dropped into the sea at the same time, who would you save first?'' However, I do believe this question reflects how I weigh people around me because it is impossible to give any parts of my life my 100%. I am not the kind of people who can live with only my lover. No matter how much I value a person, he/she is not my 100% because I still need the other two to light up my life.

So when I was little, I answered this question with the arrangement: Friends, Family, Love.
Friends meant a lot to me. Even if I met them in school everyday. They were my soul mates. They were the first I would choose to talk to. I talked and shared all my troubles with them with open heart. All the heart-to-heart talks with my girls every Wednesday afternoon after Chinese class are the ones that I will never forget.

As time passes, I answered this question a little bit differently: Family, Friends, Love.
Chances of going back home becoming lesser and I realise how I actually value my family in my heart. I cherish the moments I spent with my family. Family always successfully clear my doubts and I realise old people really are more experienced and understand things better. They are the ones that will never leave you no matter what mistakes you have made or how bad you are. They do things for you unconditionally and never ask for repays.

Then I realise, no matter how time flies and how differently I weigh the parts of my life, Love is never the part that I will prioritise. It was never my first choice - neither it was the second. I guess this explains it all.
I have a friend who had never been a relationship before. The way he answered this question amazes me: Love, Friends, Family. I asked him, you had never been in a relationship before, how do you know that you will put Love at your first place?

''Because when I have found my girl, I will give my 100% to her.''

How sweet it can be.


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