Monday, August 12, 2013

If only if you still read my blog

Life has been extremely peaceful without Facebook.

Now I know why some people insisted not having a Facebook account, like a few of my friends. It is not totally the feeling of being different. I found peace in my mind too. And just when I reactivated it today (to contact my sister in Italy and to check my uni's pages), I saw things that made me unhappy once again. Not that I stumbled onto it accidentally on news feed, I realised I was the one typing out the name and sent myself to hell once again. What was I thinking. So I made a wise decision, I deactivate it again.

To be honest, you wouldn't know how much I want it to be deactivated forever. But I thank all my friends who realised my disappearance on Facebook and showed me your concern. I am fine! Life with no Facebook made no difference to me as I was not a Facebook addict and I believe no one should. They surprised me though, I thought I was never someone who actively posted things on Facebook, so people wouldn't have noticed I deactivated my account.

Flowers wilt eventually. I wanted to throw them away, but still, I didn't.

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